Oil and gas are the most important and valuable resources nowadays, because they play the key role providing people, plants and factories with energy. Then, nearly every automobile works with the help of gas, which is made from oil. No wonder, oil and gas are the most expensive resources which are concentrated in the hands of the richest people of the world, because it is difficult to imagine a more profitable business. Evidently, oil is important for the process of industrialization, because it is widely used in every industry.

Oil is used for the production of petrol, chemicals, perfume, medicine, plastic and fertilizers that is why the value of the resource is very high and people will have to think much in order to create substances which can substitute oil in many spheres human life.

Unfortunately, the supplies of oil and gas are nearly exhausted, so people will need to look for other sources of energy, like the energy of the wind, solar energy, etc.

The key disadvantage of oil and gas is their negative impact on the natural environment. The results of the oil processing pollute and contaminate water, air and soil and as a result human and animal health. Moreover, there are often serious accidents during the transportation of oil across the oceans. Oil is introduced into the water and pollutes enormous territories of water killing fish, animals and birds. The global public and a range of international organizations protest against the usage of oil, because it causes greenhouse effect, the global warming and pollution.

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Naturally, the supply of oil and gas will be exhausted in the nearest 30 years, so the humanity will face the global energy crisis. So, in order to prepare to its effect we have to look for the alternative sources of energy, which will be ecologically safe, cheap and renewable. A successful oil and gas research proposal is supposed to be logical, interesting and informative. A student should research the topic himself and suggest some direct problems for the analysis. When one knows about the problem everything, he will be able to analyze the topic soberly and will be probably able to create effective solutions to the existing problems.

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