Molar Volume Of A Gas Lab Sources Of Error

Mrs…. Wolf Period:3 AP Chem… Lab Report: Determination Of the Molar Volume Of a Gas Objective: TO react MGM and HCI and form hydrogen gas, then after collecting lab data, determine the hydrogen gas’s molar volume at STEP through calculation. Materials: -Labiates data collector ; 3. MM of HCI solution – Ribbon of MGM metal – Gas pressure sensor – Temperature probe – 600 ml beaker – 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask – 20 ml gas syringe – Rubber stopper with two-way valve – Plastic tubing – Analytical balance Procedure: I. Retrieve an Erlenmeyer flask then determine its volume.


Obtain a MGM ribbon from teacher then make sure to polish until sample is a metallic silver then measure ribbon on a analytical balance then place in flask, afterwards record mass in your data. 3. Fill a large beaker With room temperature water. 4. Start up Labiates and attach the pressure and temperature probe. 5. Connect a rubber stopper to the pressure probe and later to the flask with valve closed so that absolutely no hydrogen gas will escape.

6. Posses a five ml sample 3. 0 M HCI solution and place in a syringe. Connect syringe to the two-way valve on stopper 7.

Calculations for % error- 22. 4-224 = 0% for trials one and two. 224 6. A student fails to polish each sample of MGM ribbon before massing them, What effect does this error have on the calculated molar volume of hydrogen gas? Mathematically justify your answer The mass of the MGM ribbon would be higher than it should which would lead to the moles of MGM and H2O (because they both have a mole ratio) to be higher hen it should.

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Then when you divide liters by moles in the molar volume calculation you will be dividing by a larger mole number, thus producing a smaller number for the molar volume.

Molar Volume Of A Gas Experiment

Which in turn would give lower liters per mole ratio and State that there is less H2O gas then there actually is. Molar Volume Calculation for distorted trial one ;0. 011 L H2O = IS. Mm/L (4. 9 x 10-4 -e . 0002 mol of distortion) 7. A different student fails to insert the stopper into the flask while determining the available volume of the 125 ml flask. What effect does this error has on the calculated molar volume? Mathematically justify your answer. Some of the H2O gas would be let out, thus in turn would lower the volume of the gas and giving it a lower molar volume. Molar Volume Calculation for distorted trial two: (0. 13-0. 002 L gas let out) 5. 8 x 10_4 = 19. 0 m/L Summary: What was basically supposed to be done in this lab was we were to react a ribbon of magnesium and a HCI solution inside of a Erlenmeyer flask to form H2O gas. While we were doing this we were to collect all different types of data variables such as temperature and pressure, During the performance of the ABA we had to make sure that we set up the sensors, syringe and rubber stopper all correctly, otherwise errors such as gas escaping or an incorrect pressure reading could all lead to the molar volume calculation being distorted.

Some things that could hue been learned by doing this lab would be using gas equations and some lab data you can project a molar volume for literally any gas. Also I could hue learned to operate many different lab equipment that have never had any experience using before, such and the syringe and learning to correctly use a two-way rubber stopper.

The data was given because I wasn’t there to perform the lab gave me a zero percent error when I worked the numbers through the calculations, but as previously stated there could be many sources of error including not polishing of the magnesium, adding to much of the HCI solution, not using the syringe correctly, and possibly letting out some of the H2O because someone might have accidentally left the two way valve open. Overall this looks like a lab were a tremendous amount of vital skills could have been learned, and I’m severely disappointed that had to miss it.

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