How would you respond when someone makes a decision that adversely affects you while saying “its nothing personal its just business”. Is business impersonal? Ethics are a subjective set of standards used by an individual to guide their actions, and to identify any obligation. They are uninterruptedly evolving code of conduct dependent upon conditions and the life involvements of the individual. With movements that can be measured by “right’ and ‘Wrong”.

Ethics are not concerned with the explanation of ethical systems in civilizations but are more or less the mainstay of the industry, whether an association has good or bad moral standards ethics is an issue for all people.

It is the moral and ethical duty of a person to not to do anything or not to indulge in any activity which will impact others. One should perform his duty in the best manner and in the manner which is accepted in the society. One should not perform any activity which will benefit oneself and harm others.

As an affected person I can file a claim against the person or can sue the person or business or business owner who is trying to affect me for his personal interest. ) Is someone who makes an ethical decision based on enlightened self- interest worthy of more or less praise than someone who makes a similar decision based solely on economic considerations? Ethical decision is not in the self-interest, it should always be in the public interest and litigation.

Impersonal Manner

A person is giving efforts to create the decision based on his self-interest can’t be praised as there are no public interests being taken care of and the decision is solely taken by an individual in his favor.

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A person who considers economic consideration it would be better to praise him as there would be DOD social element and the consideration would be to include public and help the country in gaining and maintain a good note out of the decision. 3) Because happiness is extremely subjective, how do you objectively measure and assess happiness?

Do you agree with J. S. Mill that arithmetic can be used to calculate happiness? Is money a good proxy for happiness? Happiness completely depends on an individual’s assessment and it would be done only with the individual’s confidence and his own assessment levels. Individuals are there to get the things more inclined towards assessing their inference and satisfaction levels. Confidence and Satisfactions levels are key criteria to access the individual’s happiness measure.

Arithmetic can be used to calculate based on multiple parameters but again there must be a feeling or emotional character in such cases, which will definitely have an impact on the overall individual happiness assessment. Money will definitely be a good proxy for happiness, but the happiness which will be achieved through money will not be having a long term impact and its impact will surely be reducing in a few times. There are cases where a person s very happy for receiving such a good compensation but on the other hand he will get unhappy after a short time frame because of some happening case in his family.

Is there any categorical imperative that you can think of that would have universal application? Isn’t there an exception to every rule? Universal application can be applied throughout the world, though it would certainly be difficult to obtain universal applications, because of each geography comes with lots of limitations and their own cultures, religions, rules and demographic advancements. So, from my points of view there would a universal application but it would be difficult to have same rules applied for every region.

How does a business executive demonstrate virtue when dealing with a disgruntled shareholder at the annual meeting? Executives are there to address any kind of issue, and if there would be any disgruntled shareholder, then there might be a case because Of which he is throwing such an opinion and impacting the annual meeting. Executive can no directly ignore his question and needs to address the question with proper clarity, if e will not be able to do so, it would be a negative on the part of organization.

Organization as a whole would suffer if the business executive will not be able to answer the questions of shareholder and unable to satisfy them, their image will be disgruntled in this case. 7) Commuters who have more than one passenger in the car are permitted to drive in a special lane on some highways while all the other motorists have to contend with stop-and-go traffic.

Does this have anything to do with ethics? If so, then assess this situation using each of the following ethical theories: utilitarianism, demonology, justice, fairness and virtue ethics. Onto think so it will be related to the theory’ of ethics, more and all it would be the part of rules and laws of a particular country and how the country would like to perceive the behavior of their people.

There are cases where the countries don’t care much about the overall people awareness, but then there would always be places where countries care and provide proper laws, rules and give the people to decide the judgment if that would right for them or not.

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