Unstructured Decision Example

Unstructured decision involved complex Situations, where the decisions are complicated and unknown. Where the decision maker rely heavily on the experience, judgment and knowledge for such decisions. As part of HSBC`s business strategy their top level management decided to continue giving subprime mortgage loans to the U. S customers. A subprime mortgage loan is a kind of loans which is offered to customers with poor credit history and low income.

Essay Example on Unstructured Decisions

Though it was high risky HSBC continued with loans, not only that but also they begin buying up subprime loans from different sources like wholesale mortgage company and independent brokers and others banks.

The housing boom and high competitions among the lenders influenced HSBC to make such decisions. Despite of being high risky the loan seems to be tempting because of their high interest which was source of higher revenue for HSBC. These decisions, which were unstructured, were made by top level management based on their judgment market evaluation risk analysis and others internal and external factors.

Later on, to overcome the mortgage crisis HSBC made some decisions. They made some changes in their personnel and policies. They stop giving state income loans and increased the required FICO score for qualifying the loans. So all that top level management decisions lead to significant changes in HSBC. Semi-structure decisions: Where a number features can be shared with both the operational and strategic levels. IN the case of HSBC, In terms of purchasing pool of mortgages loan s from wholesaler the middle level management made some semi structure decision s which includes offering state income loans.

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HSBC accepting the loans application based on their credit score and documentation like income level, occupation, job position etc. Middle level management made the above semi structure decisions by co-coordinating the decision of the top level management with the implementation by the operational management. Structured Decisions: Structured decision involved repeated and routine works that are managed using certain procedure by the operational management. In the case of HSBC, they decided to pursue subprime mortgage and to implement these, they set guidelines to the operational level management.

The operational management approved the credit cards, loans and mortgages based on FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation of Minneapolis) score which is a credit rating institution. They accepted it as a reliable tool for sectioning loans to the customers. This sort of decisions was made by operational management which was structured decision that followed certain procedure. When deciding to pursue subprime mortgages they took some wrong decisions in their decision making process. In my opinion where in the decision making process HSBC went are described below.

HSBC flipped some of the second-lien mortgages loans to others company and keep some as investment. HSBC predicted customers will continue the payments and they will earn revenue from the interest. But customers were unable to go on with their payments and that incurred losses to HSBC. In my opinion, HSBC failed to make proper market analysis that lead to wrong forecasting. When providing State income loans, HSBC relied on the information and documents supplied by the applicants. But ninety percentages of the applicants declared their income higher than their real income.

Some people overstated their employment position. Therefore they got the loans more than they can afford. In my opinion they did not verified the information and documents of the customers and that was a mistake done by HSBC. When evaluating applicants for credit card, loans and fixed rate mortgages they relied on FICO credit score, but it was not proven as a reliable tool for approving second lien loans and mortgages. So in my opinion using the FICO scoring systems was a wrong decision.

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Unstructured Decision Example
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