Maze Runner Essay Introduction

“The Maze Runner” is a novel written by James Dashner and describes the ideas of freedom and confinement through the characters within the book. The story shows how a group of people called ‘Gladers” are manipulated and controlled within an inescapable maze. After a year of living within the maze, they manage to create a safe environment in which their people can live in. To reach this, they had to set certain rules to prevent chaos from erupting and maintaining order.

These are key themes in this novel that eventually lead to freedom as a result of this peace. When they first started out, they were lost and unaware of their purpose until one boy, Thomas,lead them down an unknown path which lead them to the truth they’d been looking for. Unfortunately, in doing so, he created a sense of fear from within the gladers which brought the story to an ugly end with many dying but eventually the discovery of the exit.

Essay Example on The Maze Runner Reaction

Throughout the novel, a key theme that caught my attention was the idea of manipulation. This was portrayed as a negative aspect in the book from the gladers point of view as it was what was keeping them trapped and confined. Although they knew very little about the people who captured them, it caused them create the idea that they were bad. In the end, you discover how this was the wrong assumption and that it was all one big lie.

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This portrays how powerful manipulation can be and that it is a power that only very few can play with. This relates to the real world with how social media is impacting all of our daily lives. We seem to follow what we see on social media as it is what is portrayed as the right way to live without using our own minds. We also don’t question and change what the “ideal person” that the online world and society is creating is because it would be thought of as incorrect unless you are somebody famous who has the ability to do so. An example of this is with our role models such as famous actors …

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Maze Runner Essay Introduction
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