Redemption in The Kite Runner Essay

It is merely natural for worlds to do errors. merely like Amir in the novel The Kite Runner. but it is how the errors are resolved that will order 1s destiny. The chief character of The Kite Runner. Amir. knows a thing or two about doing errors. What he struggles with throughout the novel is happening salvation for those errors. Throughout all phases of Amir’s life. he is endeavoring for salvation. Whether Amir is stating the incorrect thing or concealment from a hurtful truth.

he ever finds new things he will hold to deliver himself for. That is why salvation is a immense underlining subject in The Kite Runner. When Amir is a kid. he feels his male parent blames him for his mother’s decease and can non love him.

He does everything he can believe of to seek and do up for the errors he made in the yesteryear. Since Amir feels his male parent does non love him. he thinks of ways to do things right with him. Amir sees Baba as a perfect higher presence that he could ne’er amount to.

When the kite running competition comes around he takes this chance to turn out to his male parent that he can be more of an “ideal” boy to Baba. finally acquiring salvation for everything his male parent has non approved of. Amir sees Baba as a perfect male parent figure because everyone looks up to him. Amir could ne’er populate up to Baba’s outlooks of him and that is where the subject of salvation comes to play between these two characters.

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Although Amir impresses his male parent by winning the kite running competition. he ends the twenty-four hours by aching his best friend in a awful manner and one twenty-four hours he will hold to happen a manner to do up for it. Amir and Hassan are two inseparable kids. but their relationship is unusual because Hassan is Amir’s retainer. Amir is ne’er really nice to Hassan. but Hassan would ne’er turn his dorsum on Amir. This is apparent when he says. “For you a thousand times over” . Amir makes a immense error one twenty-four hours by aching Hassan and it takes a really long clip for him to happen a manner to deliver himself. The kit running competition was supposed to be the best twenty-four hours of Amir’s life.

He would win. and gain his dad’s unconditioned love one time and for all. but things are non ever as they seem. Although Amir did win the competition. something went really incorrect. Hassan will ever hold Amir’s back. until the twenty-four hours he dies he would make anything for him. When Amir cut the last Kite down from the sky. Hassan decided to run it. Assef and his two friends didn’t precisely want Hassan to convey the kite back to Amir. Amir is a really evil immature male child and since Hassan would make anything for Amir. he refuses to manus the kite over to Assef. Hassan’s concluding act of courage consequences in his colza and Amir’s following large error. Amir watches Assef and his friends rape Hassan. but he does nil to assist his friend. Amir goes many old ages cognizing this information but ne’er tells anyone. but what goes about comes around. When everything eventually catches up with Amir. he is a adult adult male. Thingss in Amir’s life have eventually settled down. but now the yesteryear is brought back up ; he must travel happen salvation one time more. Amir survived his childhood. made a good life for himself and marries a beautiful Afghan adult female named Soraya. One thing Amir is deprived of in his life is the ability to hold kids.

Amir’s inability to hold kids could perchance be looked at as coincidental or symbolic to him doing damagess for his past errors and scruples. Amir receives a phone call from his father’s old friend Rahim Khan. Although Rahim is deceasing. he asks Amir to come visit him in Afghanistan. Amir shortly realizes that the chief ground Rahim Khan asked him to see was non to see him before he died. but because Rahim wants to assist Amir win in making his concluding salvation. Rahim Khan has known about the kite running competition for Amir’s full life. and he has a manner for him to seek and put things right. Hassan. who is dead now. has a boy. but he is an orphan male child. The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and they killed Hassan and his married woman in cold blood. Sohrab. who is Hassan’s boy. has been taken by the Taliban as payment for the orphanhood. Rahim Khan puts Amir up to the challenge of traveling to happen Sohrab and giving him a proper place.

He states. “I have a manner to do things right again” . In order for Amir to deliver his yesteryear with Hassan. he must travel and happen Sohrab. who is the ultimate symbol of salvation in Amir’s life. Finding Sohrab was Amir’s greatest achievement. it was the ultimate salvation for all the evil and unfair things that have haunted his yesteryear. Amir fails to stand up for himself and others. as a kid. As an grownup. he redeems his uncourageous yesteryear by puting it right with the aid of some really close household members. Amir goes through many phases in his life. but he ever seems to be delivering himself for something. Sometimes life seems to work out in the terminal. and the hunt for salvation may non ever be easy. as witnessed in Amir’s instance. However. a strong will and finding can assist steer the route to salvation and possible forgiveness.

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Redemption in The Kite Runner Essay
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