Thomas and the Gladers in The Maze Runner, a Novel by James Dashner

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Some are baggers, some are med-jacks, some are slopper, some are keepers and some are runners, like Thomas. Against all odds Thomas managed to be a runner for his bravery and will to get out of the Maze. The Maze Runner by James Dashner, is a thrilling and heart pounding novel about Thomas who was put into an experiment of the simplest puzzle known to man, a maze but not just any maze, a maze that has no known exit. He was put into this maze with all these other people, they called themselves the Gladers.

These children from ages twelve to eighteen are the smartest children in the world and there job was to find their way out. All these children have to go through all these variables to get to the final result. The exit. In this book there are many injustices and the characters could have chosen to avoid them or face them. Thomas chose the latter.

Thomas believed that fighting against injustice is worth the price to pay because if he didn’t then the end result would have been different.

When Minho and Alby where outside the Glade but couldn’t get in because Alby was stung by a Griever. Thomas went out to save them even though the gates were about to close and he wasn’t allowed to. He couldn’t just stand there and watch his friends be locked out of the Glade and into the Maze with the blood thirsty bulbous Grievers.

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As he broke the rules and took a step towards survival, saving Minho and Alby from the man eating Grievers, he was cast as the hero in the Glade without intending to and fought to get out of the maze once again. Even though he was put in the same situation as all the other Gladers he was the only one determined to get out. When he was purposely stung by a Griever to remember everything and went through the “Changing” he tried to convince everyone that they were in an experiment that included all these variables and that they had to get out or they would fail. Thomas was very different than everyone else in the Glade other than the fact that he was telepathic he was the only one who would do anything to get out and save everyone. As a result he devoted his time to get everyone willingly out of the Maze and into the real world.

Unlike Thomas, Alby the horde of the group didn’t think that fighting against injustice was the price to pay. All he wanted to do was stay in the safety of the Glade and not escape because he too went through the “Changing” and saw what was in the real world. When he found out about the Flare and the diseases, he didn’t want to live in a world where such things existed. He managed to get himself into many near death situations but Thomas managed to get him out of them. Then finally when they were all on their way to escape the Maze, Alby sacrificed himself to the Grievers to save the others. Although it was brave, it was a sign that he gave up that he didn’t want to face the real world. He didn’t want to face the Flare

Injustices are not uncommon in the Maze Runner by James Dashner as well as all around us due to the fact that they have to overcome many obstacles to get to the end and so do we. Thomas believed that fighting against injustice is worth any price he has to pay, he wanted to get through the maze and out into the real world. Alby on the other hand believed that they had to stay in the safety of the Glade and not change anything. He didn’t think that it was worth the price he had to pay, because he knew the price they had to pay and it was the Flare. That is only one of the many injustices that are found in the Maze Runner. “If you ain’t scared… you ain’t human.” -Alby (quote from the first half of the book)

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