Main Characters Of Maze Runner

The characters in the story face an external conflict, is a mysterious maze, that has trapped them into a small area of land. The characters live on an area of land called a Gade surrounded by huge walls. The walls create an opening every morning and close at night time, the opening exposes an ever-changing maze that is filled with huge mechanical spiders called Grievers. The people living on the Glade, gladers, have no memory besides their own names. The gladers believe the only way out of the maze is by solving the maze.

However, no one has ever survived a night in the maze.

The exposition of the novel is when the main character, Thomas, is brought into the Glade. The glade is an area of land surrounded by large walls, the glade is filled with other people who were mysteriously brought there. Each person has no memory what so ever besides knowing their own names. The people living on the land are all teenage boys who call themselves gladers.

The Rising action begins when a girl is brought to the glade, a girl has never been put into the glade before. The woman arrives with a note saying she is the last one ever, meaning she will be the last one to enter the glade and the people already there will die off. After the girl arrives unusual events begin to take place in the civilization that usually doesn’t happen. The walls begin to be left open and mechanical spiders, grievers, pour into the Glade causing havok into the Glade each night.

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The climax begins when the gladers begin to try to solve the maze. A large group of the gladers pour into the maze and eventually fight their way through the maze. The falling action of the novel begins when the gladers fight their way through the griever hole and go down a tunnel after they enter a code that shuts down the grievers. Shortly after the resolution begins when a group of rescuers pour in and save the gladers. The novel ends with the surviving gladers being helicoptered into a post-apocalyp…

What Is The Main Conflict In The Maze Runner

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Main Characters Of Maze Runner
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