A Summary of The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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The exposition is the beginning of a story, where the setting and main characters are introduced, and sometimes the problem or conflict, as well. Thomas opens up as the main character in the novel. Thomas appears to be in a caged in an elevator acceding upwards when he realized that he could not remember anything but, his name. The caged elevator comes to a stop, soon after Thomas came out of the elevator, he saw a lot of teenaged boys.

They told him that their clan names were the “Glade.” When Thomas looked around, he noticed that everyone was inside the dome-shaped building. The leader named Alby tells Thomas that his presence in the Glade is a long story, so he won’t tell him until he takes “the Tour” tomorrow. Alby gives him the tour which tells him that everyone has to do their part and he also shows him the wall of remembrance. He also tells him his best friend Nick has gotten killed recently.

Rising Action

Rising action is created in a story when they tension or suspense increases because the problem or conflict gets worse. Tension builds when Thomas realized that there are creatures(Grievers) outside of this dome. Grievers are practically huge mechanical bugs. Thomas hears about these people called the maze runners. These people practically risk their lives and try to map out the entire maze outside of the dome. One night Minho was coming back from scouting the map when their doors to the dome were closing.

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Suddenly, Thomas had an instinct to jump in the last second. See Minho was supposed to come back on time, but did not he just missed it and to save him Thomas went but got himself stuck. They had to spend the whole night by themselves. No one could spend the night by themselves or together the ones who tried died.


The climax of a story is usually the most exciting part when the tension reaches it’s peak. It is also when the conflict becomes more intense. Suddenly Thomas hears something coming his way and starts running away with Minho. Somewhere along the line, Thomas gets separated with Minho. Thomas is left alone with the creature chasing him. then Thomas does something brave he runs slower so the metal doors close onto the griver. In the meantime, Thomas finds Minho and the reunite. Thomas tells Minho everything that has happened. It becomes morning and Thomas and Minho come back to the clan telling them everything that happened. Soon Minho invites Thomas to be a runner. Soon a group of people, most of them runners go to the place where Thomas killed the Griever. But another person comes up the elevator and she knows Thomas really well.

Falling Action

The tension starts to resolve when the find something mysterious inside the griever. It was a number which they took back into the dome. Minho studies it for a couple of days, then Thomas came over to see what the electronic number was really about. Thomas stares at it for a while and says, “It’s our ticket out of here.” Thomas goes to meet the girl and she has two shots with her and a note. He reads the note and is terrified the last words said WCKD is good. He is terrified because he has had dreams on those words when he got to the camp.


The resolution is the end of the story, and at the end of The Maze Runner Minho figures out the number is basically a navigator for the maze. Thomas starts to become restless and takes the shot and stabs it to himself, he, figures out a lot about himself and the maze. Minho and Thomas practically lead the whole clan to a door which says exit. There is where they enter a room where they figure out everything from a video which said play.

Why I The Maze Runner

I like The Maze Runner because it is a mysterious and interesting novel. Everyone in the story has a unique personality, especially, Thomas. The novel was really exciting it grabbed you on till the end of the book and the sprinkling humor made it even more interesting. The best part of the book was how it was solved, this book had a interesting ending to it.

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