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“The Big Book of aphorisms. The wisdom of thousands of years” Review Paper

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Essay on “The Big Book of aphorisms. The wisdom of thousands of years”

I hasten to write about this book because all well-versed quickly, especially in this edition of the collection of all 10,000 It happened on one such book, that I wrote a review. In the preface rightly pointed out that “the book as it raises all those who lived before us.” Thoughts completely different people, from different eras as it is confirmed that no way in the world will not save us from the problems and testing; how can we learn to relate to difficulties, and we will live. “Change your attitude toward things that are bothering you, and you’ll be safe from them,” M. Aurelius

Our beloved S. Maugham says. “Selfishness and kindness, high gusts and sensuality, vanity, cowardice, selflessness, courage laziness, nervousness, stubbornness, self-doubt – it all gets in one person, without creating a special disharmony. ” “Virtue is not to be kept from vice, and is not to strive for it” – continues Shaw

. «Eachother – poetry, philosophy.” Not all philosophical works reveal easily. And aphorism comes to the rescue: it is clear, that is, clearly, a short sentence gives us the answer to any question. Statements of great people, it is you, honor and love, you are sure to find in this book. Eight hundred and seventeen authors’ deep thoughts presented in sections by topic, which is very convenient to the reader, because it is possible to compare that on an issue people think of the different areas of activity. The editors of the collection of a lot of work carried out: a list of basic bibliographical sources listed at the end of the book is extensive. List with a brief description of the author and an indication of pages, where you can find his statements, making communication with the book even more convenient. And yet, I want to note that you will be able to meet new people, whose writings you are still unknown. After all, in the author’s aphorism can “feel out” him, not even having read a single line of his works. It happened to me. I. Shevelev in this volume is given in comparison with the other, a lot of space. Its interesting and profound aphorisms led me to the pages of his personal website. So I discovered another author whose ideas are close to me.

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Who cares, several aphorisms are listed below.

LN. Tolstoy said: “Why ponder deliberate? Take the ready, and go further. This is the power of humanity ».

You have no man, nothing but souls. Pythagoras

When we see that we steal the idea, look, before raising a cry, whether it’s our idea. A. France

Life is learned from books and works of art, maybe even to a greater extent than life itself. T. Dreiser

Where to begin the road of thought – are beginning to listen to. Where words cease to express – there begin to contemplate. Chinese wisdom

If the growth stopped, coming to an end. Seneca

Stronger all – self-controlled. Seneca

Mountain leans more, if you notice that he give in. Shakespeare

In order to avoid criticism, we should do nothing, say nothing, and no one be. E. Hubbard

Veterans of the Third World will not. W. Mondale

If you were another person, would you be my friend? NN

Friendship – not a service, do not thank for it. G.Derzhavin

Beware of those who have not responded to your punch. Shaw

A true friend with you when you’re wrong. When you’re right, just to be with you.

M. Twain

Change your opinions, keep your principles: change the leaves, keep the roots

In the.. Hugo

Those who have friends, that there is no other. Aristotle

The indifference is the highest cruelty. M. Wilson

A friendship founded on business is better than business founded on friendship


Wit -. Talk salt, not the food. W. Hetslitt

So, to aspire to the highest person is in himself, and that is looking for the lowest – in the other. Confucius

Do not judge a man by his friends. Remember that friends from Judah were impeccable.

E. Hemingway

You can forget the person with whom to laugh, but never forget the person with whom wept together.

X. Gibran

It could be worse. Your enemy can be your friend. E. Lec

When considering others’ actions, I have always tried not about to laugh, mourn or blame, but only about how to comprehend. Spinoza

The fool shall never grow wiser,

But if arguing with him though Socrates,

On the first two words of Socrates becomes stupid. S. Black

Stupidity becomes front to be seen; mind gets back to see.

To. Silva

You need to have a great mind not to show his mental superiority.

F. La Rochefoucauld

In no wrong – the property of the gods. Demosthenes

To see and feel – is to be, to reflect – it is live. Shakespeare

The man, whom do you love me, of course, better than me, I’m not. But you love, and I’ll try to be better than yourself. Prishvin

Nothing’s over for someone who is alive. Rolland

And I found more bitter than death the woman, because she – a network, and her heart – snares, her hands – shackles. Ecclesiastes, 7,26

The man himself is a greater miracle than all the miracles people. Plutarch

Life is like a merrymaking: some come for them to compete, other trade, and happiest – look. Pythagoras

Blessed are those who believe, heat it in the world! A. Griboyedov

What is the religion I confess? Not one of those you call me.

Why is no one? Out of a sense of one eternal soul of religion. Schiller

Love is born from nothing and die because of all. A. Carr

How can you not trust a man? Even if you see – he’s lying, believe him, that is, listen and try to understand why he’s lying? Gorky

Fiction does not separate from reality, and allows it to be more aware. Otherwise – it is groundless fantazerstvo. Shevelev

When the witnesses are silent, legends are born. Ehrenburg

Who does not knocked on the heart, the knocking at the door in vain. Lope de Vega

Available only one who lost everything to live for. E. Remarque

One Love Music inferior, but also love – melody. Pushkin

Through the soul treated children. F. Dostoyevsky

Learn to everyone, do not imitate anyone. Gorky

Music without mentioning anything, can say anything. Ehrenburg

If someone thinks differently than I do, he not only does not offend me with that, but, on the contrary, enriches me. Nobody wants to listen to their own echoes. A. Saint-Exupery

Hearts skhodstvuem; it – just I’m different:

I’m sharing the mountain with them, he – the joy with me. Pushkin

The author’s tone – the card of a work of art, without which the product of impersonal. Shevelev

Yumorizm allows you to relax, aphorism helps gather. Shevelev

A good book – a writer, turned inside out inside out. Shevelev

The ideal reader – an intellectual, not a professional, fine feeling and not blinkered canons. Shevelev

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