Beauty And The Beast Conclusion Essay

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“Beauty and the Beast” reflects Romanticism and Gothicism in a perfect way. Let’s start with the settings of the story.You have the beautiful land and village that Belle resides in and then there is the dark, ominous castle where the Beast lives. Belle’s village is quaint and pure with light and nature. There is singing and dancing with happiness and love. The castle before the dark supernatural curse is quite magnificent and fit for royalty. The castle during the curse is scary with dark turns and gargoyles.

There is sadness and despair. The beautiful architecture of the castle keeps it romantic but the gothic nature of it with the drab, stormy colors has it remaining gloomy.

Belle is the persecuted maiden of the story. She is beautiful and innocent. She is full of hope. Belle has this need to give love and affection where it is normally not given. She is the object of Gaston’s desires and the Beasts need for love and goodness.

She is smart and well read. Belle is gentle and kind. Gaston is the tyrant, cruel and mean. He wants to hurt others to gain objects (Belle) for his own satisfaction. His need for power over her makes her a sort of damsel in distress. Gaston also gets the townspeople, the bandits, to gather together to kill the Beast. He has help from Monsieur D’Arque, the madman, to help him blackmail Belle into marrying him by taking her father away. Gaston also has everyone in the tavern to believe that Belle’s father is a madman himself.

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Tale As Old As Time Beauty And The Beast

The Beast is the monster as well as the byronic hero. The Beast is awful. He doesn’t know love or kindness. He doesn’t understand how Belle can be so kind to him while he looks the way he does.He is stubborn and scary and makes him frightening.Until Belle shows him how to love and how to be kind does he start to change into the prince he always should have been. He was an outcast in the village and instead of letting it continue to anger him he rose to being the byronic hero by…

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Beauty And The Beast Conclusion Essay
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