Edward Scissorhands Beauty And The Beast

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There are many different versions of the classic fairytale of Beauty and the Beast. All throughout literature and film, this fairytale has been recreated several times but still had the same moral in the end. In this essay, the Disney version and the Edward Scissorhands version will be discussed as well as the many similarities and differences of the characters.

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The Disney version of Beauty and the Beast is about a beautiful young lady named Belle who loves to read.

“Her nose is always in a book, and her head is in the clouds” (Disney pg.1) She sacrifices herself to a Beast so he won’t kill her father, and instead actually ends up falling for the Beast. The Beast is actually a prince that an old beggar cast a spell on because she offered him a rose in exchange for shelter in his castle from the cold but he arrogantly refused. The prince must learn to love and have someone love him for his true self before the last petal of the rose falls or he will remain a beast forever.

In the end the Beast defeats, Gaston, a man who wants to marry Belle but she is not interested in him, and eventually transforms back into the prince when she tells the Beast that she loves him since the spell is now broken. “Please don’t die … I love you” (Disney pg.3)

The Edward Scissorhands version of Beauty and the Beast is about a man that was left unfinished and has cutlery for hands, who tries to win the one he truly loves.

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Kim, who is actually representing “Beauty” has a boyfriend who is very arrogant which Edward can see. Edward is seen as a “beast” to the town, but Kim soon looks at him differently after he expresses how he feels for her and defends her when her boyfriend is mistreating her. In the end Edward battles Kim’s boyfriend who is killed by Edward who stabs him in the stomach and throws him out the window and Kim tells the town that they killed each other so they can finally leave Edward in peace. Edward stays in the castle and…

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Edward Scissorhands Beauty And The Beast
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