Frankenstein And Edward Scissorhands

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A sense of belonging or non-belonging into society greatly influences an individual’s identity. Change in self happens when belonging is grasped through meaningful and intimate relationships, with senses of connectivity, community, shelter and familiarity. The graphic novel interpretation of Frankenstein composed by Gris Grimly, and the dramatic fairytale/horror film, Edward Scissor hands, directed, and created by Tim Burton, both explore concepts relating to belonging and identity.

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Finding one’s niche within society draws attention to effects that outer environments impose on an individual, which in turn helps to shape the values, and outlook possessed, on oneself, as well as the perception held by others.

Furthermore, the effects of lack of love and contact due to isolation and abandonment arise from the genesis of how one can be morphed and affected by lack of contact from the outside world, as well as with others. Strong use of visual techniques intertwined with literary devices makes for a succinct focus on changing identity, distinctly based around the nous of belonging.

Both visual pieces discuss, and exhibit that identity is, and can be impacted as well as shaped by family. The idea of a role model that provides a support network and lead for a developing individual. Both the creature (Frankenstein), and Edward (Edward Scissor Hands) are left isolated and abandoned to fend against the world alone. Vulnerability, lack of knowledge and privation of normality leaves both susceptible to the dangers of the outside world. The embryo, fetal position of the monster, situated inside a sack resembling a womb signifies the helplessness of the creature.

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He is like a new born child – unsure, uneducated and exposed to the harshness of society. Additionally the nervous, and disturbed face of Victor Frankenstein surrounding in fading black colors post the ‘birth’ of the creature, coincides with the panels depicting Frankenstein runni…

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Frankenstein And Edward Scissorhands
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