Edward Scissorhands Archetypes

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Danni Perez Emily Chased Archetypes of Edward Scissor Hands In the words of Carl Jung, a well-known psychologist, an archetype is “An innate tendency which molds and transforms the individual consciousness. A fact defined more through a drive than through specific inherited contents, images etc. ; a matrix which influences the human behavior as well as his ideas and concepts on the ethical, moral religious and cultural levels”nuns).

This research paper provides different archetypes that are present in Edward Chardonnays.

The 1990 film of Edward Scissor Hands portrays an American romantic fantasy film based on the loosing of a young creation. The story takes place in a cookie cutter suburban society where Peg, an Avon representative lingers into a dark and mysterious castle where she stumbles upon the thrilling creation we know as Edward. The humble orphan who we grow to love is the product of an Inventors (creator) search for companionship, but an untimely death leaves him with chardonnays and the inability to fit into society.

Edward Scissorhands Barbecue Scene

As the story progresses we notice how Edward and Pegs relationship becomes more meaningful when she takes the role of being the( mentor). Peg takes Edward under her wing and in an unselfish manner provides him with the crucial necessities that he had been deprived of. After moving in with Peg and her family, Edward becomes the source of the latest gossip in the community; everyone is interested in meeting the mysterious guest Peg has brought into her home.

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A barbecue is held in Pegs backyard attempting to welcome him to their neighborhood.

Zoos and shahs arise as everyone catches a glimpse of the magical pair of chardonnays he possesses, but show no sign of rejection towards the innocent lad. As people in the community realize Edwards ability to create topiary gardens, cut dogs and human hair he becomes the new sensation who the ladies Just can’t get enough of. Joyce (seductress) one of the ladies shows particular fondness towards Edward and decides to act upon her feelings. She unmercifully throws herself upon him but is sadly rejected in her conquest to ignite romance and is left with bitterness instead.

On the other hand, we all can’t help but notice how Edwards affection is directed towards Kim (damsel in distress), Pegs daughter. Being at her feet he does anything that she can possibly request out f him, and soon enough her Jealous boyfriend Jim (Villain) comes to conclude that Edward has feeling towards her. In retribution Jim strategically forms a plot to destroy Edwards reputation, turning him into the perfect disaster leading to his downfall.

After being incarcerated for breaking into Jims house, Kim apologizes for the situation that she has placed him in, confessing that it was Jims house; something that Edward had known all along. From this point on Kim experiences an awakening of the hidden emotions she has towards Edward, ones that she could ever feel towards Jim, forcing her to end the relationship between them. Jim becomes infuriated with the fact that he’s no longer Skim’s choice, and wrath takes over his unmerciful soul, revenge is his vendetta. Succeeding his entanglement longer the same.

Those that once loved him so fondly now make it their duty to remove him from their Utopia. Surrounded with frustration, his “family’ feels obligated to teach him right from wrong to avoid future conundrums. Knowing that he was set up, Edward feels betrayed and resentful but manages to keep composure in the eyes of society, but not for long. As Jims soul intention is to become Edwards worst nightmare, and extinguish his newly found happiness. Pegs annual Christmas party is finally here, but this time, life has different plans for them.

Everyone throughout the neighborhood feels the need to isolate themselves from the sins that Edward commits, positioning him and his “family’ as outcast. As the family prepares for the occasion, Jim decides to unexpectedly drop by and witnesses Edward accidental cut Skim’s palm while sculpting an ice figure. At that moment Jim exposes his true intentions by pushing Edward to his limit, forcing him to leave the cane both angry and humiliated. As Edward storms through the neighborhood his anger gets the best of him, and pushes him into a stage of destruction.

Those in the community become frightened of his unusual behavior, and decide to take action into their own hands by calling the local police. His family, in particular Peg, question if bringing Edward into society had been the best decision and go out in search of the naive lad. After regaining his composure, Edward heads back home and spends significant time with Kim, where they finally express their feeling for one another. But Just as things start to get interesting, Edward glances out the window and is shocked at the sight of harm coming towards Kevin (Pegs brother).

Edward instinctively takes it upon himself to become Seven’s savior and as Jim and some reckless friend lose control of the car they are in, Edward tackles Kevin to the grass, ultimately saving him. In attempts to assure that he is okay Edward accidental scratches Seven’s face due to his chardonnays. When Jim sees this he accuses Edward of purposefully hurting Kevin, and takes action against him by viciously attacking him. Hearing the commotion the neighbors quickly rush to the scene, and after seeing that Edward is involved, conclude that he is the culprit.

As the local police begins to approach, Kim tells frightened Edward to run, and heads towards the castle. Once there he is cornered by the policeman, who spares Edward by allowing him to retrieve into his home. Disbelieving the policeman’s statement on Edwards demise, Kim along with the rest of the community make their way to search for Edward themselves. Kim discreetly enters the castle in hopes of finding Edward, ND when she does she is overwhelmed with Joy; the first words that escape her lips are I love you, the most powerful words Edward had ever heard.

The Joyful moment came to a halt when Jims arrival disrupted the environment, he fully charged at Edward with the intention of killing him, and after the short lived battle between the two Edward triumphed by putting an end to Jims life with the divine gift of his chardonnays. In the end Edward remained secluded in his home where he could do what he was meant to do, express himself, and although their love was strong, Kim and Edward never see each other again. As it may already be apparent this story line is full of many archetypes.

We see Edward take a Journey, in search of identity and love, where he finds both. He becomes an artist that is loved, but things begin to fall apart when he finds love with Kim, and the town turns against him a transcendent hero, a hero as a lover, and an unbalanced hero. There are also many characteristics of the hero’s Journey in this film. The hero, Edward, is naive and inexperienced, when dealing with society, and has to learn many basic things that occur in everyday life. Peg is his caregiver who guides him to assimilate to their customs.

We see the hero yearns for Kim, who is sometimes his guide and inspiration. Edward loves Kim and wants to be with her and he is willing to do anything to conquest her. Another characteristic that we see is the Journey that the hero must embark in order to learn a lesson, change in some way, and return home. This is shown when he goes into the town, tries to fit in with society, realizes he can’t change who he is and that it is better to be yourself and therefore returns to his home. A situation archetype that is portrayed in the movie is the classic battle between good and evil.

Edward represents the good character, while Jim the Jealous boyfriend is the evil character. Throughout the movie we witness them fighting over Kim, Jim tries to take out Edward by putting him in unfair situations that lead him to trouble and a bad reputation in the community. In the end they battle it out and Edward wins Skim’s heart making her his lover. The color black in Edwards attire is a representation of mystery, the unknown, and what makes him different from those in the neighborhood.

Green is seen in his garden throughout his creations, which are a symbol of hope, growth, sympathy, and adaptability . Look closely, in the film we see how the houses are strategically color coordinated this shows how they are very limited to all being the same where being unique is considered absurd. At times we wish Edward could have real hands because it would allow him to fit into society, rather than being accepted solely based on sympathy and selfish necessities. The inventor is very lonesome and would enjoy companionship, better yet a son.

The solution is found within his machinery, at the beginning of the film we notice that he places a heart shaped cookie towards one of his machines. Edward was the solution to his lonesomeness, but unfortunately he died before acquiring the fond relationship he longed for, Edward still manages to have emotions based on the experiences of love he has with Kim. This film tells a great fantasy tale about romance and finding ones identity, it follows many archetypes making it a phenomenal story line. If you found a brief case full of money what would you do with it” states Bob, Pegs husband, Edward repels “Give it to my loved ones”. “No, the correct answer is turning in the money’ says Bob. The moral dilemma shows how Edward would respond to a even situation, he is a kindhearted soul seeking what’s best for those that are closest to him, full of passiveness and generosity towards all, we can’t help but fall for the warmness of his character.

This all takes a turning point when Jim fully launches himself at Edward in the final scene of the castle, in this precise moment he must decide if to use his Chardonnays to defend both himself and Kim or to Just stick to his humble origins and let Jim win the fight. Edward decides to kill Jim ultimately saving their lives. Edward Chardonnays shows many similarities to Frankincense, rue monster is humanity itself. The only sense of peace for the creations is to be in absolute isolation to escape being criticized.

The Greek mythology based on this film is allured to the theme of Beauty and the Beast, which is also present in Happiest, a beast who is a lame God that lacks physical attractiveness, He falls for Aphrodite the goddess of love, as Edward does for Kim. Isolation in a castle secludes Edward from society Just as Happiest lives in heaven with Hear and Zeus, Edward does topiary, cuts human and dog hair, and Hyphenates is a sculptor,the comparisons between the two are very evidential.

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