Film "Beauty and the Beast"

Physical magnificence satisfies the eye, yet internal excellence like being thoughtful, considering others enthralls the heart. “Beauty and the Beast’ movie is based on love, to be loved in return, the courage of an independent young lady and an arrogant beast. ‘Beauty and the Beast” is a novel written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbet de Villeneuve. The popular version is suitable for children, was adapted and written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont and published in 1756. (Erbland). The focus of this epic is mainly between the two characters, with Belle and the Beast‘s desire to learn and read books, which inspires us to learn something new every day.

When she tried to save her father from the prison and take his place, it does not exactly sound like happily ever after and in real life we do not condone it. But it symbolizes that our happy ending can start when you least expect it.

Belle’s heroic, sacrificial character impacts all the residents of the castle—including a talking candlestick, a clock, and a teapot, among others.

The author also shows her favoritism towards Belle’s presence which positively affects the Beast, who moves from constant rage and selfishness to humility and kindness. The writer wants to tell us to “look beyond what you can see” The Beast looks intimidating and horrifying but once Bella sets aside the opportunity to become more acquainted with him, it is clear his harsh outside is an only a veneer. He is extraordinarily kind and delicate. All he need is someone to give him a chance to show it.

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The director indirectly explains a few more human behaviors with the character “Beast.” It turns out he is a cursed prince who must find someone to love him in his current monster-like form to break the spell condemning him to that state. The scary beast does not necessarily resemble a monster. It could be the one side of our inner voice which always magnifies some trouble to change our attitude. If we let go of some of that reluctance and face our fears, we can realize that they are nothing to terrify us.” Beauty and the Beast” tells something other than a story of love and sentiment.

It communicates the genuine nature of love, how it outperforms shallow boundaries and develops around others. Hate leads Gaston down a dark path, and while he manages to sweep the town up into a frenzy through fear, it is love that ultimately wins. The director also touched the spiritual content when we see a rose’s petals, linked to the spell, slowly drop away as time runs out for the Beast. Magic also impacts the castle’s servants, turning them into talking furniture and household items. In the film, Chip the little boy turned into a teacup, sleeps in a cupboard with his brothers and sisters in a cabinet. We might think Chip isn’t necessary because he is chipped, but he rescued Belle who, in turn, saves the Beast. The director tried to explain perfection is not everything by this incident. A magical book transports Belle and the Beast to Paris. And magic plays yet another vital role in the film’s conclusion. Twice the Beast uses strong spiritual language to describe his condition. Once, he says of his fate, ‘I received eternal damnation.’ The second time, he scolds Belle for getting too close to that magical rose, saying, ‘Do you realize what you could have done? You could have damned us all.’

The movie succeeds in communicating to our children a lesson in life, how charm and fame are not the keys to true love. This theme created throughout the movie of “Beauty and the Beast” with the most touching style. Consequently, the film exploits a great deal of feminism and chauvinistic ways which are not acceptable now but was acceptable when the novel was created. Although it does not seem like it shows much depth, it has a lot of symbolic references. This story is all about finding someone who makes us feel as if we were not ourselves. The thought of having someone love you means so much to a human being. It’s not about what a person has to offer materialistically, but emotionally. overall, “Beauty and the Beast” is a mystical motion picture with two great lead actors, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens who give fine performances and an elite supporting cast which make this the must-see family film. Works cited Berman, Rachel. “11 Life Lessons from Beauty and the Beast.”

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