Beauty And The Beast Ending

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Most of our fairytales have a princess or a young lady who needs to be saved. Of course every fairytale needs a villain or two. In a tiny little village in France, Belle was not your typical damsel or even a princess. In fact, she turned out to be the hero of this fairytale. As the daughter of the quirky village inventor Maurice, Belle was smart and much-loved by the villagers. Our first villain was “Beast. ” He was once a handsome prince with everything he had ever needed or wanted at his fingertips.

Our second villain was “Gaston. ” He was the fetching yet egotistical village huntsman with biceps that could crack a walnut. The difference between the two villains; Gaston believed he deserved the best, he believed he deserved Belle as his wife. Unfortunately for Gaston, Belle had no interest in having anything to do with Gaston. Beast, on the other hand hoped to find true love but feared love would never find him.

As a young boy, Beast was taught a very valuable lesson about judging someone by their appearance.

Beast and his personal servants were living under an evil spell, having been trapped in this murky and dreary castle for years with no hope of ever being reverted to their human form. He had until his twenty first birthday to find true love. Belle returned from the village to realize her father was missing. She had set out to search for Maurice; in the dark and scary forest, she had come across Beast’s castle.

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As luck would have it; Belle immediately discovered her father, trapped as a prisoner in the Beast’s castle. When confronted by Beast, Belle insisted he permit her to take Maurice’s place as his prisoner.

The Boy And The Beast Ending

With little discussion, Beast agreed. Belle was very distraught because Beast did not allow her to say good-bye to her father. As Gaston had become more annoyed in his failed pursuit to have Belle as his wife; he conjured up a plan to force Belle into marrying him. Gaston threatened to have Maurice institutionalized unless she accepted his hand in marriage. Many young ladies in the village would have traded places with Belle in a minute; unfortunately, Belle wanted more out of life. During her time with Beast, Belle had seen a different side to him. She realized he did have kindness in his heart.

As time had passed, Beast felt guilty for keeping Belle from her father. Beast knew he was running out of time before he would permanently become a beast. He released her and lost his only chance of ever having true love in his life. Upon her return, Belle learned that Gaston had convinced the Asylum to take her father. She had tried to convince the villagers, the Asylum Director and Gaston that her father was not crazy. Belle explained that Beast and the castle did exist and that there was no danger to anyone. Regardless, Gaston had decided to rid the village of Beast and those in his castle.

Belle had returned the castle and hoped to help save Beast and the others. During the battle between Beast and Gaston, Belle yelled out and proclaimed her love for Beast. Within an instant, something had happened. Beast and Gaston were floating in the air and their bodies started to transform. Before her very eyes; Belle saw Gaston turn into a beast and Beast return to his human form. She went over to Beast to make sure he was still alive. He had transformed into this handsome young man. They exchanged smiles and kissed. True love had been found and a new beast would have to learn his lesson.

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Beauty And The Beast Ending
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