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Secret Recipe. a popular life style coffeehouse concatenation. has become a family name following its introduction in 1997. Secret Recipe has successfully established in brandname in Malaysia. Singapore. Indonesia. Thailand. China. Philippines. Pakistan. Brunei and Australia by virtuousness of its all right quality bars. merger nutrient and typical service. A prima and largest coffeehouse concatenation in Malaysia. with Halal enfranchisement awarded by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia ( JKIM ) . Secret Recipe in committed to go on frog here to the criterions of readyings of all nutrient and processing works in the eating house in conformity to the regulative guideline including HACCP and VHM guidelines.

Recipe Essay Example

Customers can ever bask in assurance from more than 20 types of merger nutrient. 40 bars creative activities and pastries. with a flavorful scope of ice pick and drinks offered in all Secret Recipe mercantile establishments. In a short period of 13 old ages. Secret Recipe has experienced a rapid growing of over one hundred and fifty ( 150 ) coffeehouse throughout the part.

Secret Recipe continuously strives to surplus its ain achievements and to be recognized as a leader in the industry.


1. Brand

Secret Recipe has strong term on trade name edifice earlier on by constructing easy to retrieve logo. corporate coloring material. selling schemes. uniforms. bill of fare layout. Interior design and client service criterions to differ than others.

2. Merchandise

The merchandises offered at Secret Recipe are high in standard and quality. which specially crafted and tailored by the Secret Recipe. The merchandises are besides closely monitored to keep their quality at their production works in KlangValley and the eating house besides offers broad choices of secret formula of homemadecakes.

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baked sweets. drinks. merger nutrients and many others

3. Selling

Secret Recipe have the strength in footings of cost every bit good as the selling channels. They have utilized assorted methods of advertisement and selling through cyberspace. booklets. catalogues. circulars. newspapers and telecasting advertizement and many others. They besides offered particular bars and bill of fare during particular juncture such as Valentine’sDay. Mother’s Day and others.

4. Franchised System

Franchise system is advantageous for Secret Recipe as they have the rights and entree to informations from the central offices. All the trim operational systems. buying systems. hive awaying. merchandises. service s criterions. selling and many others has bring easiness of operations for Secret Recipe and minimise the drawbacks.

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Recipe Essay Example
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