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Once I finished of reading the books was really hard for me choose a subject to compose, notwithstanding the first things that came to my head was the frienship and love that are two of the chief facets of each books because without it both books might hold really different narratives unlike the original 1s in whom friendly relationship and love are the cardinal factors in the development of each narrative. But what is friendship? , the most acceoted reply is the 1 that appears in the lexicons and said that friendly relationship is the supportive and concerted relationship between people and involves that each portion has a common regard and respect toward the other.

This natural relationship appear either in the Great Gatsby or the Motorcycle journals, but the friendly relationship is shown in different signifiers in each book because in the Great Gatsby the frienship did non look at the begiing of the narrative, due to Nick Carraway knew Gatsby subsequently in the book, but in the Motorcycle diaries the frienship appears since the book start when Ernesto andhis friend Alberto Granado decided to do a trip for Latin America.

In the Motorcycle journals appears several demostrations of friendly relationship as is shown when Ernesto got the Flu and he felt realy bad, but when he was able to travell in the motorcycle Alberto took hom to the nearest infirmary that was in the town of Choele Choel ; that accion clearly demostrate that Alberto follow in some manner what Edward W.

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Howe said “ When a friend is in problem, do n’t rag him by inquiring if there is anything you can make. Think up something appropriate and do it ” . ( 1911 ) . That stament shows what is expected that a friend must make, because a true friend is non the 1 that is with you merely when you are all right, a true friend is the 1 that is with you besides when you have some jobs, when you fell sad, when you are ill, the individual that ever say to you camon! You can make it! , that individual is a true friend as is the instance of Alberto.

The relationship between Ernesto and Alberto could be classified as “ best friends ” due to a trip as the 1 that they made you merely could believe in make it with a really close friend because when you think in the possibles problems of challenges that you could happen during your trip, you know that you can number with your friend to assist you, because that is the nature of the friendly relationship the common preocupation, the invariably thought of that your friend be good, things like these the bases of the human relationships as Cicero said “ Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens hardship by spliting and sharing it. “ , In the Great Gatsby friendly relationship is non every bit much of import as love but if the friendly relationship were non present actions as the reunion of Gatsby and Deisy could non be possible, this is shown when Gatsby asked Nick if he could set up a meeting with Deisy, but she do non hold to cognize that he will be at that place and Nick accepted to make it, that show that a friend ever wants the best for his/her friend.

This is demostrate when Gatsby died in his funeral merely was hisa few people at that place, it was a really different scenery that Nick had imagine, because he thought that GatsbyA?s funeral was full of people due to the fact, that ever in his partys ever were present a batch of people, but it was non in that manner. That shows that money is non of import in friendly relationship because a true friend as I said earlier is non with you because you have some money or you are all right, he or she is with you because you are of import for he or she and you could be really dissatisfactory for you to turn out it for case if you have some “ friends ” with you merely because you have some money and when you run out of money they gone, until that go on you are traveling to cognize really who are you existent friends. Another impotant facet in both books is the “ love ” that in the instance of the Great Gatsby is the ground of why Gatsby act in that manner, as is show in this portion of the text.

” I think he half expected her to roll into one of his parties, some “ You see, when we left New York she was really nervous and she thought it would dark, ” went on Jordan, “ but she ne’er did.A Then he began inquiring people casually if they knew her, and I was the first 1 he found.A It was that dark he sent for me at his dance, and you should hold heard the luxuriant manner he worked up to it.A Of class, I instantly suggested a tiffin in New York. ”. Gatsby had bought his house and had that pretentious life, because he wanted to catch the attending of Daisy due to he thought that if he acted in that manner it was easier for him being an good lucifer for her, but that was non at all a right pick that Gatsby made, because money is non a factor that facilitates the things in the love, because love is a thing or a feeling that you can non purchase with money, it is something that you have to contend ( being literary ) for it, you have to construct it with litle actions every twenty-four hours. However why Gatsby ne’er try to being closer to Deisy before he was rich?

The most likely reply is related once more with the money, he did non hold the adequate bravery to seek to won the bosom of Deisy, because he believed that if he had the money it would be easier for him. But what we are able to make for love? , some people said that we are able to make anything for love, another say that without love our life it doen non has significance in GatsbyA?s narrative is demostrated in many parts of the narrative one illustration could be the Gatsby attitudes his epicurean life but notwithstanding the most clear illustration is when Deisy ran over Myrtle Wilson and Gastby decided to take the incrimination of that: “ You see, when we left New York she was really nervous and she thought it would calm her to drive-and this adult female rushed out at us merely as we were go through a auto coming the other way.A It all happened in a minute, but it seemed to me that she wanted to talk to us, thought we were person she knew.Well, first Daisy turned off from the adult female toward the other auto, and so she lost her nervus and turned back.

A The 2nd my manus reached the wheel I felt the shock-it must hold killed her immediately. ” That decition of Gatsby subsequently decided his fate in this instance he was murdered by the Myrtle hubby George Wilson, this in some manner reflect what Nietzsche said in his book “ On reading and composing ” : “ There is ever some lunacy in love. But there is besides ever some ground in lunacy ” , this phrase reflect in some manner what was environing GatsbyA?s head in that minute because he merely wanted that nil bad happen to Deisy, and that is oneof the points that love portion with frienship, you ever want the better for your friend or love. In the Motorcycle journals besides appears love but in different signifiers, because Ernesto loves Chichina, this relationship could even do that Ernesto stay in Miramar with his girlfriend as is shown when they stay at that place, as Ernesto said.

Alberto saw the possible danger of being entirely in the roads of America, but besides Ernesto showed a immense love to his female parent for this ground he invariably wrote letters to her in wich he told her what had happen during his trip for illustration: “ We will go forth for Bariloche on two or three yearss and intend to go at a easy gait. . Sends tonss of love to everyone and do certain you tell me whethe or non-Papi is in the South. A loving clinch from your son. ” . In that illustration ei clearly shown that it does non count how old are us we ever have in head an strong feeling to our relations but in particular toward our female parent. Now what is the relationship between love and friendship? , what they have in common? And what are the differences between them? .

Love and frienship portion something that is the importance that you assing to an individual that means that in the universe there 1000000s of people and if we nover assing importance to an individual, they ever are traveling to be merely another people, but when you assing particular importance to a individual in that minute that individual is non any longer merely another common individual, he or she in that minute he or she turns into an special one for you that could be your friend or your love.  As is said in the “ principito ” : “ Not at all, you are like my rose. No 1 has tamed you and you have tamed no 1. That was my fox before, like a hundred 1000 others. When he bacame my friend, is now alone in the universe. ” , Love and friendly relationship are non the same thing, friendly relationship does non necessitate farther account of your actions to your friends and the key to keep it is love, but friendship respects the physical, that ‘s the chief difference with love, because when relayed the physical barrier regard is concsider as love ( physical regard does non merely is related to sex ) .

Another difference is that you have a loving relationship with a individual that ever is following to you alternatively of that friendly relationship in which you can hold several people as friends. Another difference is that friendly relationship can besides be atach to the relation that people stablish with some animate beings, as a clear illustration is the relation that each individual that have a Canis familiaris stablish, because the love appears as tha base of that relationship, because each portion ever wants the best for the other. After stablish the differences and the similarities between love and frienship it is easier to calculate out wthat is the relation between them, fundamentally love is the base of the friendly relationship, but when love go beyond the friendly relationship in that minute love emerges, as the consequence of a friendly relationship in wich both had noticed that they could be something more than merely friends.

When I choose these subject I thought that there are no much to compose about it but when I went deeper in both books i realized that these subjects were an essencial portion of the development of each other, and without them both narratives might hold a really different significance. Furthermore I could larn more about the differences, similarities and the relation between love and frienship, so as is shown the both books love and friendly relationship are feelings that must be present in each individual, because without them life does non has sense, as was they instance of Gatsby before he run into once more woth Deisy, he merely seek to catch the attending of her with his money, but it was non successful until he became friend of Nick and he helped him to be once more with Deisy ; this simple action of Nick shows that a friend ever want the best for the 1s that he love. So what is the relation between love an frienship the relation between them it is basicaly that one ( love ) is the base of the other ( frienship ) , but when the people go beyond that the love of friends so emerges the romantic love that is one of the purest feeling among human existences, and that sort of love is the ona that allow us to be here because were the consequence of it.

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