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So, the title says that the story may be connected with murder of someone step by step. The text presents a blend of detective story with elements of a story of characters. The text embraces two themes: 1) investigation of murder; 2) relationship between men and women. The text touches upon eternal concepts Of collisions between characters, men-women relations. Compositionally the text falls into three logical parts. The scene is laid in the middle of the 20th century (“deceased January 1939″ and ” deceased May 1946″).

The writer sets the action in France, because: 1) name of the characters ( Madame Callahan, Lucrative and so on); 2) name of the dishes (French cuisine); ) the name of the town ( Avalanche); 4) the phrase of main character: “Murderess I may be, Inspector, but also a French woman”; “As said I am from Paris”. The general atmosphere is breathtaking. After a chain of actions everything clarifies and the general atmosphere changes to promising and gripping. There are TV’0 main characters: Inspector Minor and Madam Callahan And two main characters: husbands of Madam Callahan M.

Wiser and M. Callahan. Inspector Minor pays a visit to Madame Callahan, a beautiful and alluring forty-year-old woman, who is suspected of murdering her two husbands. The inspector interviews Madame Callahan in the hopes of understanding how a woman who does not seem like a murderess could have killed her husbands without leaving a trace on their bodies. The climax lies in the silence between main characters when Madame Callahan finished to confess to murder of her husbands by cooking.

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We don’t know how Inspector Minor will react to her confession.

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He will bring her to police station or he understands why she did it. Its followed by the denouement when inspector invites Madam Callahan to the casino. “To the casino, Madame Callahan. For champagne and music. We shall talk some more”. The ending is half-opened and needless to say, the writer gained by ending the story where he does. The story is narrated from the third person. The story is filtered and reflected through the prism of his mind and eye, we can easily trace where his sympathy lies with the help of his interpretation suggest and judges.

The text brims with the idea that women’s charm and sophisticated mind can easily win over men’s conceit and arrogance. This story presents the idea that women plays on men’s vice and greediness so well that most man even couldn’t notice that. Madame Callahan As the story goes it is broken by some description. I found the most convincing and detailed description of Madam Salon’s appearance. Her appearance is a clue to her character. Inspector Minor compares her with the Roman goddess of wisdom( A Minerva of a woman, he told himself instantly).

The author uses antinomian to show common things between these two women: sharp and shrewd mind in combination with astonishing beauty. Moreover, the author resorts to bright epithets (liquid eyes, full lips, soft profile, the grand line of her bosom.. ) and similes ( … Eyes were but a hade lighter than the cobalt blue of the Med-iterance.. ,. Air brought him the scent of her. Or was it the scent of the garden,… )to create an image of soft and ageless women.

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