Treasure Hunt Essay

1. What is the instructor’s name ( spelling counts ) ? Where did the teacher go to college? The instructor’s name is Jane Smith.

2. What is the instructor’s electronic mail reference to be used for inquiries and entry of undertakings?

3. What twenty-four hours ( s ) of each hebdomad are Chapter prep assignments ever due? Chapter prep assignments are ever due on Thursdays and Sundays. Furthermore. treatments are due every Tuesday.

Sample Scavenger Hunt

4. What is the clip deadline ( hr: proceedingss. AM or PM ) for the Portal assignments to be submitted? Homework is due at 10 PM.

5. On Canvas. under Voyaging the Portal. what are the two Cautions that are listed? The portal times out after 2 hours so pupils need to salvage their prep as they go along to guarantee their advancement isn’t lost. Students shouldn’t use their mouse ball to scroll down the page because it may take them to the last reply of a different subdivision.

6. What are the yearss. day of the months.

times and room Numberss of all of the trials held on campus? The 2nd test is on Wednesday February 20th in room N201. It will be from 5:30-7:30 autopsy. The concluding test is on Monday March 18th in room R110. It will be from 5:30-7:30 autopsy.

7. What are the three undertakings and when are they due ( twenty-four hours. day of the month. and clip ) ? The first is the Data Analysis undertaking which is due on January 26th. 2013 at 10 PM. The 2nd undertaking is the Correlation and Regression undertaking due on February 16th.

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2013 at 10 PM.

8. How should the undertakings be submitted? Be specific about the demands. The undertakings should be submitted by electronic mail to [ electronic mail protected ]In the capable line. pupils must include their name and the rubric of the undertaking. None of the undertakings can be submitted through canvas.

9. What is the last twenty-four hours ( day of the month ) to retreat from this class with a “W” printed on your transcript? Please state both the day of the month for in the flesh backdown and the day of the month for online backdown. The last twenty-four hours to retreat from this class with a “W” on your transcript is February 15th. 2013 in individual and February 17th. 2013 online.

10. What do you make if you can’t take a trial on campus? Be really specific about the procedure. the possibilities for monitors. and when the trial must be taken. Students who are unable to take a trial on campus demand to alarm the teacher at least 10 yearss before the trial. and must hold a monitor and suited location. Proctors may be portion of the Bellevue College staff. clergy. etc. Under no fortunes can a monitor be a household member. Without 10 yearss notice. pupils are expected to be on campus on the twenty-four hours of the trial. Proctored exams must be administered the twenty-four hours of. or before. the trial is given.

11. Two quizzes will be given. What is the due day of the month and clip for each quiz and which chapters are being tested for each? From the clip that you open the quiz. how many proceedingss to make you hold to subject the quiz? The first quiz is on February 17th and screens chapters 1-13. The 2nd is on March 17th and screens chapters 1-19. We are given 60 proceedingss to finish each quiz.

12. Locate the reckoner instructions on Canvas for calculating a normal distribution and calculate the followers: normalcdf ( 129. 148. 132. 12 ) . rounding suitably to 4 denary topographic points. The reply is 0. 5075.

13. Analyze the Chapter 14 Homework on the Portal. List the 4 stairss involved in making a hypothesis trial?

1. State the option and void hypothesis.2. State the type of trial administered. such as a z-test or t-test. Then. give the value of the trial statistic ( T=____ or Z= ____ )3. State the P value and alpha degree.4. Use two sentences for the decision. In the first sentence. province whether or non you reject the void hypothesis. In the 2nd sentence. province what the trial measured.

14. What is the phone figure for the Stats Portal Help Line? The phone figure is 1-800-936-6899

15. Canvas contains study inquiries for each chapter. Locate the survey inquiries for chapter 4 – what is the reply to # 1? The reply is: r= . 9314

16. How many entries are allowed for Exercises? How many entries are allowed for Post Trials? Two entries are allowed for exercisings and merely one entry is allowed for post-tests.

17. How many points will you have on the Scavenger Hunt if acquire all inquiries correct. How many points will be deducted for each inquiry missed? If all inquiries are right. you receive 50 points. You lose 10 points for each incorrect reply.

18. Canvas contains pattern tests and replies. What is the reply to oppugn 6 on the Chapters 1. 2 and 3 pattern test? The reply is_Mean=120 ; Standard Deviation=8

19. On Canvas. Voyaging Stats Portal gives you helpful information about the Portal site. What should you make if you are taking longer than 2 hours to finish an exercising? You should salvage your replies sporadically so that they do non acquire erased.

20. If you find that you are fighting to understand the stuff in this class. call four resources that BC or the teacher offers to assist you be successful in the class. Four resources available are the math lab. Stats Tutors. Applets. Crunch It. and Statistical Videos.

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