Good Shoes Are a Treasure for Athletes

Germany is known for many things including football, the Nationalist Socialist party from the 1930 and 1940s, free college tuition( in some schools) the Automobile industry, Angela Merkel, and a very complex language. The list goes on and on. But they are also known for the famous “brand with 3 stripes”, Adidas.Who / What is Adidas?Adidas AG( Aktiengesellschaft) is the 2nd largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike and the largest in Europe. Their net worth is about 19 billion U.S, dollars, and is led by Kasper Rørsted.

Adidas is the holding company of the Adidas Group, which consists of brands Reebok, TaylorMade, and Runtastic, They also own about 8.33% of Bayern Munich, the Fußball Klub. But before they were one of the biggest name brands in the contemporary world, they started from and athlete with a dream.How did it (Adidas) come about? The Athlete with a dream was Adolf Dassler aka the founder of Adidas, That dream was a vision of better quality shoes for athletes.

These shoes would increase athletic success using correctly constructed shoes for each sport. The 3 rules that Dassler used to make his shoes have carried on over to today.

To produce the best shoe for requirements of the sports.To protect athletes from injuryTo make shoes durableWith these “laws” in mind, Dasslers partnered with his brother Rudolph’s, or known together as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, shoes brought many athletes to victory such as Lina Radke in the 1928 Olympics and Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics, But sadly they (Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik) did not last as World War 2 tended to increase splits between families.

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The brother ended up splitting and disbanding the company, each forming their own company. Adolf formed Adidas AG, a portmanteau of his nickname Adi with the first 3 letters of his last name. Rudolph started the company Ruda which is formally known today as Puma.

How is Adidas different from other brands? Adidas is known for its famous 3 stripes incorporated in a trefoil of a mountain, But besides the logo they were different even from the beginning. When people were still using metal spikes and a heavy boot for sports, Dassler was using canvas and rubber to make the spikes, and using ballet slippers as a model for the body. It made the shoe much lighter than the other brands, and one could argue that is what made Jesse Owens earn his 4 gold medals.

Dassler was also different by the fact that he used to be an athlete himself. He understood the most feedback he could get wasn’t from the limited tech at his time, but from the athletes themselves. He personally met with athletes and listened to their feedback on what could be improved. Along with getting to know athletes that tested their things, like any normal sports goods manufacturer, they gave out sponsorships. These are also the reasons that make Adidas popular today.

Why are they(Adidas) popular today? Adidas’ history with the market has been very inconsistent as with any apparel brand. The consumers determine the success of brand. They only just recently popped onto the charts surpassing Under Armour for #2.

Their rise in popularity can not only be attributed to their increase of demand of their shoes, namely the UltraBoost, Alphabounce, NMD and Superstar brands, but also collaborations with famous figures in society. Going back to what they did in 1984 with Run DMC( an American Hip hop group), which was and is the merge of sport of arts, they had a recent partnership with Kanye West, creating the Adidas Yeezys, part of the UltraBoost section of shoes. Adidas is also known for its apparel.

People like its simplicity of the 3 stripes which had started when Dassler bought the logo from Karhu Sports in 1952 for 1600 Euros and 2 bottles of whiskey. It was officially used on its first piece of apparel , the Franz Beckenbauer Tracksuit of 1967. The thing about most sportswear manufacturers is that they usually only produce apparel for sports, but lately the term “athleisure wear” has come to mind and widened the focus of the brands. So the apparel that has been coming out of Adidas is a lot more addressed to those casual athletes. For example the Tiro training pants, it was addressed more towards athletes. But more people began to wear it just to look good. Same for the Superstar and Stan Smith shoes.

They can be used for sports but are more directly aimed at the casual wear. Hence creating the backstory behind the making of the Trefoil, the logo for Adidas Originals. The Adidas Trefoil logo was used to stand for expanding focus of the brand into apparel and leisure wear. With this background on Adidas, it will most likely surpass Nike for being #1 in the world. They constantly strive not only for improvement of the brand, but also for the improvement of athletes in their respected sports. And that is what makes Adidas die beste.

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