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The story takes place during Victorian times at the peak of the BRITISH EMPIRE. The idea of the White British men seeking out new land to colonise, obtain resources and potentially slaves. However this wasn’t the goal of this band of explorers, it was to seek out lost Spanish treasure for self gain. The two men were named Evans and Hooker. The location wasn’t known as it was “virgin” land but it was somewhere off China in Pacific Asia.

It was isolated and uninhabited, the land was comprised by small and medium sized islands. They span over great distances with minor and vast sized gaps of separation. The explorers entered the barrier of coral surrounding the island through a gap that was a small river. They trailed the river inside to the white sanded beaches they saw a thick forest. This may have been similar sight to the type of palm tree seen by the Victorian explorers in India or somewhere in Africa.

The foliage of the trees was similar to a fluffy bright cloud. It created an almost awe inspiring scene, there was a clear view through the virgin forest. The rose like mountains, the beautiful sights, the appearance of the sea was calm and still yet blazing with light.

Treasure Forest

The sun was shining with overt generosity like a zenith furnace, the land of the rising sun. It was silent, the only noise was from the deep blue sea crashing against the coral and the rocks.

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The air was filled with warm moisture and the cool Pacific sea breeze simultaneously. They were floating into a lagoon while observing the map and discussing it. They were exhausted and didn’t feel the exaltation that they were expecting as a reward for the last leg of their endeavour. Hooker was rowing while Evans closed his eyes slightly and fell into a daze. He could see a dark part of the forest and where it was empty he hallucinated. It was nighttime and he saw three figures, a fire burning on one side and moonlight on the other side. The middle figure a cross with red, silver and black in colour. He heard them speaking in pigeon English, this was very strange to him.

He saw the Spanish galleon that had run aground and the diseased and weary men take their boats and leave. He then saw Chang-hi come across the Spanish ingots and go away to bury them. This was the secret information Evans needed, the exact location of the treasure. He sees heaps of gold and tries to reach for it but Chang-hi was stopping him and then he threatens Evans. Evans dream becomes irrational as Chang-hi`s pigtail appears in his hand and is getting larger along with the rest of his body. The heaps of gold ablaze in front of his eyes, the very thing he was searching for. Then a giant devil like creature filled his mouth with coals, he was severely burned.

He heard another “devil” shout “Evans, Evans you sleepy fool!” It was Hooker shouting, they were at the mouth of the lagoon. They got off and onto the bay of the lagoon. Hooker turned the canoe upside down and used it like a knife to cut their way trough the green tangled vines and brushes that surrounded them. The environment they had entered was “alien” to them in almost every way. The strange trees, tall grass, flowers and plants were all unnamed to them. They saw a figure among the trees, it was in an unnatural position. They both drew nearer, it was a blue coloured chinaman. This was a shock to both as they had a foreboding feeling that this was Chang-chi.

They saw a hole was already dug up and thought to themselves about what was here and the fact that some one else had been here already. They went inwards and they discovered the gold ingots, Evans picked them up with his bare hands and got a thorn stuck in his thumb. He didn’t realise the danger at the time and continued. They were arguing about what should be done with Chang-chi’s body, Hooker wanted to bury the body but Evans wanted to just let it stay there. They eventual decided to leave the body and take a few gold ingots as they couldn’t take any more weight. They carried the ingots in a stretcher type contraption using Evans jacket.

Suddenly Evans let his half of the jacket drop and grabbed his throat, he went against a tree and said, “it’ll be alright in a minute.” He cried out in pain and fell to the floor crouching on his side, he was moving rashly and spasmodically. Hooker knew the plant, he had seen a tribe of jungle people use it as poison in their blow darts. Evans told Hooker to take the ingots and get out of there, Hooker packed up the ingots into Evans jacket.

While he was doing this he felt a little prick on the ball of his thumb, he pulled the thorn out and endeavoured in vain to suck the poison out, there was nothing he could do for Evans or himself. Hooker never really thought about Chang-chi but he thought what the map had said, “my secret is well guarded.” Hooker knew finally what he had meant by this and just imagined his grin while looking at his companion. Evans who was twitching like a fish on dry land with its last breath at any moment and Hooker crouched while sitting could do nothing more than become statues of failure in their dire hour.

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