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Forest Environment Paper

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Nature is the greatest boon to the human society. It beautifies the land, stimulates the winds and preserves the ecological balance. The role of forests in Indian society is more important one. Kinds of forest: There are many kinds of forests. These are hill forest, evergreen forest, coniferous forest, deciduous forest and desert forest. The forest is based on natural landscape, climatic condition and ratio of the rainfall.

Uses of the forest: Forest is the wealth of nation. Trees purify the air by inhaling oxides of carbon. During the heavy rain, trees prevent the soil erosion. It also controls the flood. Trees of mangrove forest are able to check the Tsunami waves. Apart from that, it serves the society by giving flowers, fruit, wood etc. , Havoc to the forest : (or) Deforested ion: Nowadays ratio of the rainfall decreases due to deforestation.

The human nines destroy the forest and utilities its by – products. The total forest area in India has been decreasing. As the trees are cut down, the peculiar species of animals are facing extinction. Hence deforestation should be avoided. Oaf forester ion: It means to plant more trees. Before cutting one tree, one sapling should be planted. “One tree one family” is the slogan but “One family surrounded by many trees” is the best slogan to be achieved. There is a forest policy in India.

Essay On Forestry And Environment

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It has many aims to plant, develop and protect the forest. To develop this system we have to develop plantation, conserve the natural resources, and avoid destruction of the forest. Conclusion: unless we preserve the environment, it will not preserve the human society. The best remedy for deforestation is forestation. India is a land of natural resources.

Forest Environment

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