Every Halloween Someone Dies in the Forest

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One Day there was a new girl moving in she was 10 year her name was Katey but her friend called her Kate. Kate loved the blue big house, but little did she know the woods she lived near was haunted. She heard stories from her friend Cami she was 11 years old. Kate didn’t really believes them, so she called camie and camie answer and said “Hey Kate” Kate replied with, “do you want to go to the woods with me please” camie said “yes” Kate said “ok bye cami see you in a few”.

But before Kate was gonna go to sleep she heard screaming coming from the woods. Kate was really scared so she stay up on her Iphone Xmax, but then she get a text from a clown and it was looking through her window directly at her, but she still wanted to go so she called camie and told her “can we go to the next week please” Kate said, “ok” camie replied back.

The next day Kate was wondering how would the clown got her number so she was asking people that had or know her number if they had gave it to someone else but everybody said “No”.

So she was really confused but she got over it. She was having so much fun with her 3 sister and 1 little brother till it happen again but this time there was a note at her door saying “im gonna kill you” spelled out with blood. At that moment she was scared till her friend Camie called crying she ask kate saying “kate can I stay with you till my mom comes back” kate said “sure” Camie said “my dad abuses me everyday now because he smokes and gets drunk every night” Kate told “come over now camie love you bye”.

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Camie come over and starts laughing at Kate for no reason so then she start crying, but then Camie was talking about the woods they were going to in 2 days and kate was getting scared each day, but Kate was trying to have fun so she told camie to come play with her and her sister and brother and she did. Camie bring it up again Kate say “STOP BRING IT UP!!! I hate it so stop”.

It was almost halloween there going to the woods tonight but Kate change her mind but Camie said “no were going tonight” Kate said “what of something happen to us what are you going to do nothing right so we can go “ “we have to go” “fine”. So Kate and Camie go to the woods but they see the clown that texted Kate and the clown has a bloody knife. So then they run but Kate run really slow so does the clown but Kate runs faster then they go to there house until she remember something fell out her pocket and it was her phone so she go back to get it. She see the clown once again but he running and she not, the clown kidnapped her after and hour her friend Camie get worry.

So she call Katey and hear Kate screaming and then hear a knife begin sharpen then she hear the clown and know something wrong. Camie stay on the phone with Kate then the clown answer laughing saying “she dead”. Then Kates mom came asking about Katey and Camie said she dead. But both know someone would end up dead every halloween in the woods.

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