A Halloween Story

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On Halloween night best friends named Trey’von, Tyrone, Jasper and Joshua met up at Jasper and Joshua’s house. They met up to go to the scariest house in the neighborhood. Trevor was tall and skinny, and he had a box haircut. Tyrone was also tall but not as tall as Trey’von, he weighed a little bit more than Trey’von. Jasper and Joshua were twins they both had buzzcuts and Jasper was taller than Joshua. They’ve dressed up as a vampire, Tyrone dressed up as a zombie.

Jasper and Joshua dressed up as salt and pepper. Jasper was the salt and Joshua was the pepper.

Ms.Desiree’s house

They all had grouped up and started to go trick-or-treating. They first started to go to the houses in the cul de sac near Jasper and Joshua’s house. First, they went to Ms.Terry’s house. She had 2 jack ‘0’ lanterns on her front porch with a candle in them.

She gave them each 2 twix bars. Next, they went off to Ms.Desiree’s house. She had fake spiderwebs surrounding her front porch one jack ‘o’ lantern that was also lit and a ghost decoration on her front door. She gave them each 2 Snicker bars. When they were walking to the next house Trey’von and Tyrone heard some kids talking about Mr. James’s house. Mr. James is most known for having the scariest house every Halloween. Trevor and Tyrone told Jasper and Joshua about what they heard and they all came to an agreement of going to his house.

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Mr. James’s house

After they went to all the houses in Jasper and Joshua’s neighborhood they started to go to Mr. James’s house. When everybody saw his house, they started to get a little scared. He had a iron gate and he had a cobblestone pathway going to his house. They were only scared a little bit but that all changed when they were at the front porch. They rung the doorbell and nobody answered the door. Then the door suddenly opened on its own, when they saw the house it was like a tornado went through it. Everybody looked behind them and entered inside the house. The house had stuff all over it, like there were shattered plates and broken glass everywhere. Tyrone considered that they should turn back.

Jasper agreed with Tyrone and should turn back. Trevor and Joshua still wanted to go in, so Tyrone and Jasper decided to wait at the iron gate while Trey’von and Joshua went in the house. Trevor and Joshua first went into the kitchen were they found knives, forks and spoons lying on the ground. They immediately ran out the kitchen and to the living room. All they saw in the living room was a TV and the couch. Then they went upstairs, all they saw there was just a hallway and a attic. They pulled down the string to the attic and started climbing the up the stairs.

A guy in a mask

Trevor went up first then Joshua next. It was so dark in there they needed a flashlight, Joshua found a flashlight in a box and when he turned it on he saw a guy in a mask. He told Joshua to go back down the stairs, Joshua quickly climbed jumped down the stairs and Trey’von had jumped down them too. Joshua had run all the way to the door leaving Trey’von still upstairs in the house. Trey’von started running downstairs as the man in the mask had chased right after him. Running as quickly as he could Trey’von left the house shouting “run” as the masked man was still chasing him. By the time Trey’von has caught up to the others he lost the masked man, the masked man had stopped at the iron gate.

He took his mask off and then Trey’von and the others looked noticing it was Mr.James. He shouted to them “Happy Halloween”. When they all made it to Jasper and Joshua’s house Trey’von and Joshua told the others what had happened while they were in the house while eating their Halloween candy. As they all had a good laugh after knowing that it was just a joke, They all had started to sleep. The End. 


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A Halloween Story
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