Halloween Essay

It has been more than two months since I came to US. Though the main reason I came here is to pursing higher education, I still have to adapt the life here. I can’t deny that I have some culture shocks because the culture background here is quite different. Differences include eating habits, living condition, and the theme of my topic, festival.

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Today is Oct 31th, it’s Halloween in most of western countries.

Before came to US, I barely know this festival. The only impression in my mind is that this is kind of a festival which celebrating ghost. After arrived, saw so much pumpkins and ghost puppies and costumes on the streets, I realized how much important it is to western people. All of these arouse my strong curiosity about Halloween.

It’s lucky to watch this ‘Halloween’ video in ELP class. It really helps me to have a better understanding of this strange festival.

Now I understand that Halloween is a contraction for All-Hallows-Eve, which means all of ghosts this night come out. The symbols of this festival include ‘trick of treat’, costume party, watching horror movie and parade etc. To be honest, I don’t have a good feeling about ‘trick or treat’, because my friend, who lives in US for five year told me that nobody knows what kind of crazy things those freaking kids will do. Last year, those naughty kids throw rocks to my friend’s house and some windows are broken.

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Scared about this, I decide to park my new pre-owned car in school and wish nothing happens.

In my dictionary, Americans are party animals. They just love having parties. On contrary, Chinese do not have parties every often. For Americans, Halloween is a good time to have party. Several days before Halloween, I walked through streets in Manhattan, saw a lot of party invitation advertisement and some advertisers who dressed up even show up to scare you and invited you to their parties. I just can feel this party atmosphere around the whole country. As a foreigner, I am still not prepared to attend a costume party and I think I will just go on streets with my friends to see the parades.

Considering that I am a graduate student majoring in finance, I think I have to write some economic aspects toward Halloween. I did some researches and found that Halloween is a good day to do business. It is estimated people spent $2 billion in candy, $300 million in pet costume [1] in Halloween and the trend is likely to expand in the future.

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Halloween Essay
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