The Hunt For Gabrielle And Her Other Self

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In a land far far away a long time ago there was a very dark ominous forest that felt like it was never ending. But deep in the forest was an old run down building that looked abandoned. This building was actually an orphanage that was home to one very odd women named Sabrina who was considered the mother of the orphanage and 7 orphans with ages ranging from 7-18. But one of these kids just didn’t fit in and her name was Gabrielle.

Gabrielle had brown hair down to her waist and deep blue eyes. She was about 5’6 and skinny but something was off about her. When she was 17 Gabrielle and those around her began to realize that something was wrong. She was one of the sweetest and kind girls in the orphanage but people began to notice that when talking to her she would go from being sweet and kind to angry and violent over the course of one minute.

So people began to avoid her this upset her and drove her to make the decision that on her 18th birthday she would escape the orphanage and make a new life on her own.

It was finally the day Gabrielle’s birthday was here. She planned to distract Sabrina by causing an argument between the other girls and sneak out. An 8 year old named April had a lucky blanket. Gabrielle took the blanket and put it in Sophia’s bed. Gabrielle walked up to Aril “April Sophia stole your lucky blanket I watched her put it on her bed” April replied in a very upset tone “Where is she “ Gabrielle then told April “in the dining hall”.

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April ran to go confront Sophia meanwhile Gabrielle told Sabrina about the argument. The minute Sabrina went to go handle the situation Gabrielle snuck out the front door.

The door made a loud creak as it closed and Sabrina realized what happened and she ran to catch Gabrielle. She turned the knob on the front door three times opened it and continued to chase the escaped orphan. When Sabrina caught up to Gabrielle her personality completely switched. She became extremely violent and knocked Sabrina out and continued to run. She made it to the end of the forest and was spotted by a man on a horse who seemed to be rich. He introduced himself telling Gabrielle that his name was Samuel so she likewise introduced herself. She could hear rustling in the woods and asked very desperately if he could let her stay with him for a little while. She quickly hopped on the horse and rode off. They arrived at a huge castle and he said that he was the king and that she could stay with him for a little while.

The king got to know Gabrielle and soon fell in love with her. She made sure to leave the room when she got mad and violent as to hide it from Samuel. One day they were eating lunch and they heard five knocks on the door the king came over and opened the door. It was Sabrina she began to explain to the king how Gabrielle got away and why she needed to come back to the orphanage telling king Samuel that she was extremely dangerous and if he sees her to send her back. The king said he hadn’t seen her and he waved goodbye Sabrina waved four times and continued her search.

The king sat down with Gabrielle and told her what just happened she said it wasn’t true and that Sabrina was crazy. The next morning at breakfast trekking proposed to Gabrielle and she accepted knowing this was her chance to be a queen. Word of the engagement spread through the village fast and there soon was a wedding. And everybody in the village was ecstatic except for Sabrina. She was terrified of what would happen when Gabrielle became queen. On the day of the wedding Gabrielle got ready and the king did as well. At the end of the ceremony Gabrielle saw Sabrina and not long after her personality switched she was furious and violent and she decided to go take it out on Sabrina she asked the king to excuse her for a minute she then grabbed sarin and brought her to the woods where they once lived together and pelted Sabrina with rocks till she was dead.

The king soon after began to learn about Gabrielle’s suspicious behavior and confronted her. She denied it but when her personality switched again she offered to get the king a drink. It was no ordinary drink it was poisoned. She gave him the drink and waited till he died. Once he died she began to scream and cry as if she didn’t know what happened. The king’s body was then removed from the room and Gabrielle became the one and only queen of their village ruling it however she saw fit. And Gabrielle lived happily ever after.

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