Motivation For Research Proposal

Motivation in learning process is the action of encouraging the student to develop his knowledge and to get involved into the educational progress. It is natural that the process of education requires the participation of the two sides – the student’s and the teacher’s side. The role of the teacher is not just to provide the student with knowledge and facts on the topic under research but also motivate his learning constructively. There are two types of motivation – outer and inner ones and both types coexist and help student in the process of learning.

The outer motivation is the encouragement of the student from the sides of a teacher, parents, friends and the society. Obviously, the student who is motivated, supported and encouraged studies better, because if one becomes interested in education, he is able to learn more material and gain deeper knowledge on the problem. The main teacher’s duty is to make the student interested in the subject, the process of research and improvement of his knowledge and when this aim is achieved, the student will be able to study without any outer motivation.

The inner kind of motivation is the student’s personal understanding of the value of education and the benefits which can be gained when the student improves his knowledge and skills.

Naturally, the whole human activity is ruled by the inner motivation and understanding that constant work will bring one profit, self-improvement and joy, so the role of motivation can not be overestimated. Without motivation the majority of students will not get interested in educational process and will avoid participating at discussions and self-development.

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The issue of the role of motivation in learning process can become useful for the research, because the student is able to demonstrate his point of view concerning the problem and its details. The young professional is able to prepare a good research proposal and focus on the sides of the matter which have never been analyzed before increasing the originality and relevance of the paper. One should pay attention to the explanation of motivation, its types, methods of the research, provide the teacher with the literature review and present the list of the problems which will be researched in the paper.

Sample Research Proposal On Employee Motivation

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