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Research Paper on Sports and Drugs Paper

Sports and drugs is a problem of using in the sport not only drugs, but any substances of natural or synthetic origin, that allows to improve athletic performance. Such substances can dramatically raise the activity of the nervous and endocrine systems and muscle strength, it also includes drugs that stimulate the synthesis of muscle proteins after exposure to stress on the muscles. A huge number of drugs are prohibited for athletes during the competition. A modern concept in the field of anti-doping in sports of the higher achievements is provided in the code of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency, established on the initiative of the International Olympic Committee-IOC). WADA publishes annually the list of banned drugs for athletes and new versions of so-called standards: international standard for laboratories, the international standard for testing, or the international standard for therapeutic exemptions.

Use free sample research papers on sports and drugs to learn that the use of doping is the conscious use of a substance unnecessary for the normal functioning of the body of an athlete or an overdose of medication, with the sole purpose of artificially enhance of physical activity and endurance during athletic competition.

Combating the use of performance enhancing drugs is also because the records are made at the cost of the life and health of athletes.

In 1993, the IOC Medical Commission has banned the use of pharmacological drugs: stimulants of different groups and classes, anabolic steroids, analgesics, diuretics, peptide hormones and their derivatives. The restrictions were as well introduced on the consumption of alcohol, coffee, local anaesthetic, and beta-blockers.

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During national and international competitions, the participating athletes are subjected to doping control, not only the winners but also the rest of the participants randomly chosen by the Chairperson or judges. All modern sports arenas, qualified for the official competition are equipped with doping control centers. In most sports, the doping entails disqualification for 2 years, and repeated use is punished with 4 years or even forever disqualification.

However, that does not stop many athletes. Moreover, most athletes use doping out of competition, in training. With such a load that is not surprising. Coaches also refer to this phenomenon very quietly, and often force their disciples to use doping.

It is officially declared that coaches do not encourage the use of doping, and to use or not to use is a personal choice of each athlete.

In some cases, athletes are given permission to use drugs in the case of therapeutic exception. The athlete must confirm that using these drugs is necessary for his health. Therefore, according to medical records many skiers and biathletes have asthma. By the resolution of the Medical Commission of the IOC or the International Federation, they have the right to use the drugs that are included in the prohibited list WADA. These drugs can produce an anabolic effect and provide psychotropic effect on cerebral cortex, improving respiratory function and increasing the amount of oxygen entering the lungs to muscle power.

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