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“Remember the Titans” is based on a true story about two segregated schools merging to become one. The movie follows a football team in Virginia as they grow and become a family. The movie is directed by Boaz Yakin, who also directed “The Rookie” and “Safe”. The writer was Gregory Allen Howard, who also wrote “Ali” and “Factor X”. Remember the Titans also had a very successful cast. Starring Denzel Washington “Coach Herman Boone”, Will Patton “Coach Bill Yoast”, Ryan Hurst “Gerry Bertier”, and Wood Harris as “Julius Campbell”.

The movie has won 8 movie and music awards in all. Image Awards for outstanding motion picture, and outstanding actor in a motion picture. BET awards best actor, Denzel Washington. Political Film Society PFS award for human rights. The movie made 137.6 million dollars in the box offices and had a budget of 30 million dollars (

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In 1971 two segregated schools merged to become one. This movie is all about race, and the fact that it doesn’t matter one bit the color of your skin but what’s on the inside.

Denzel Washington’s character “Herman Boone” was chosen by the school board to overtake the football team as head coach, leaving Will Patton “Bill Yoast” a hall of fame inductee coach to work under coach Boone. So right from the beginning starts racial confrontation from the two coaches and the two segregated football teams coming together. The movie mainly follows Ryan Hurst “Gerry Bertier”, and Wood Harris “Julius Campbell” through their coming of friendship.

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They are both the respected captains of the white and black teams. So as you would predict start out butting heads, having a few scuffles on the way. Eventually, they become best friends “Gerry” even states “brothers”. At the end of the movie, Gerry gets into a terrible car wreck and is paralyzed from the waist down, and said he only wanted to see Julius. When Julius entered t…

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Movie Review Remember The Titans
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