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Analysis of Character in Walt Disney Remember the Titans Jessica Borer Mr.. Hypoallergenic Prep English October 21, 2013 High school football Is the heart of Alexandria, Virginia a town full of racial tensions. With a newly integrated high school and football team everyone must get past their inner hostilities and make a run at the state championship.

(tonsillectomies. Com 1) Disney award winning movie Remember the Titans reveals the hardships of a segregated small town.

One of the characters revealed Is Julius Campbell, a assassinate but strong-willed black football player, who has experienced the adversity of racism and overcame it to make an impact on those around him. His character is shown through his beliefs, his passion, and his loyalty for his teammates. Julius’ commitment to his belief is a main element In his actions. Fairness and his view of others are demonstrated throughout the movie.

Examples of these are found In his experiences with Gerry at camp. During camp,Julius was having a heated conversation with Gerry after a practice.

Julius insinuates to him that he is not doing is Job as a captain. He goes on to say, “Then why don’t you tell your white buddies to block for Rev better because they have not blocked for him worth a plug nickel, and you know it! ” (“Remember the Titans” 27) Although Julius is stubborn and only looking out for himself, he can’t help but see that the team isn’t playing fairly.

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His belief in fairness overcomes his selfishness and he wants the team to come together and win. Julius’ view of others Is portrayed when he first gets to camp and hangs up a poster of a black man signing black power. En Gerry asks for Julius to take It down Julius tells him, “You can close your eyes for 2 weeks, all I care. Why Dutton look at your wall and I’ll look at mine? ” (“Remember the Titans” 16) This example proves that since Julius’ view of Gerry was already bad from the beginning and It proved his belief that he thought Gerry was a selfish racist. What Julius thought could not be changed in his mind until one day in camp. When Julius and Gerry became close, Gerry got on his white players to block better for Rev.

Remember The Titans Team Meeting

Slowly but surely Julius became rends with Gerry and from then on nothing could change his opinion because Gerry proved he was a different person then what Julius originally thought. Fairness and his view of other affected other players because when Julius believed in something he committed to it one hundred percent. Whether it was negative or positive. Julius views influences the movie and his teammates as well. Julius’ passion is shown at many points throughout the movie. They are most noticeable when some of the players plan a team meeting and also after Geyser’s car accident.

During the end of he season some the players called a meeting and when the team showed up, half of them were going to leave because it wasn’t called by the coaches. When they try to leave Julius steps In and says, ‘Wall goanna walk out on your teammate? He says Hess got something to say. ” (“Remember the Titans” 52) upset but determined Julius sees Tanat ten team Is In a Trail state Ana en reels Just as passionate as ten ones won called the meeting. He thinks that everyone is too busy battling what’s off the field then focusing on their real opponents.

Julius’ passion is mainly shown right after Gerry tests into a car accident, which paralyzes him from the waist down. Time stood still as Julius walked into the hospital room to see his smiling best friend, broken and battered. Julius holds himself responsible for Geyser’s accident and Gerry denies every comment, while also telling Julius “He was only afraid of hating his brother. ” (Favorite Quote). Julius is very passionate about Gerry because he has learned and grown to become a different person through their trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Julius brings strength and passion to his teammates and also to the town of Alexandria.

He teaches life lessons to those around him through the obstacles he faces throughout season not only on but off the field. Julius’ passion fuels his character to strive to better himself, to make a difference, and to promote equality. Julius’ loyalty for his teammates was a factor which largely contributed to their success in the state championship. Julius is an average teenager who is somewhat mature towards everything he faces. He Jokes with his teammates in a few scenes about their daily life experiences. While in the comfort of the locker room every team, black or white is Hough of as equal.

Julius is loyal to everyone on the team including the coaches. Once he overcame the adversity of racism throughout the town and team he was able to let himself and the team come together as one. Another example of Julius’ loyalty is at Geyser’s funeral. Julius is standing right beside his best friend’s mother. Although during the movie Geyser’s mother is not fond of Julius she eventually comes around and accepts him as Gerry friend. Julius was loyal to Gerry throughout the entire movie and when it counted the most he was there at his grave, holding his other’s hand. (writers. Mom 1) He never strayed away from things or people when they got tough. Julius’ loyalty affected everyone he met and made an impact on their lives. Julius’ loyalty becomes a symbol for the team, the town, and the spectator. His teammates become his brothers and they all face the same agony and Judgments for the disordered world round them. If blacks and whites can fight a war together they can certainly play football together. And when they play together, they win together and when they win, we all win. Julius Campbell carries on his principles, series, and loyalty for his teammates throughout the movie.

These characteristics are what make him an effective leader in the film. Believing in something and not letting anything disturb that belief takes a strong willed person who will follow through in that belief. Having passion for something pushes yourself to never give up and persevere through any obstacle. And finally having loyalty for anything or anyone is a characteristic that everyone strives to achieve. If everyone in the world took the initiative to have some of the traits Julius portrayed, the world would be filled with period, polite, and passionate human beings.

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