An Introduction to the Biomechanics and Motor Control in Remember the Titans

Both biomechanics and motor control are extremely prevalent subjects in the film “Remember the Titans.” The movie instills the basic principles of kinesiology throughout the entire storyline. It is very interesting how each different position in the field is accompanied by its sub-set of kinesiology, exemplifying the diversity of the field.

Throughout the movie, biomechanics, the study of physical movement, is essential to the skill that the players carry out. The quarterback uses various aspects of biomechanics to throw the ball, make the ball spin in a tight spiral, and estimate the position of the ball and the position of his receivers.

Without all of these components working together, the quarterback would not be able to complete an intended pass. In essence, the quarterback acts as the physicist, or biomechanist, on the field, dictating the velocity, acceleration, height, distance, and displacement of the football.

Meanwhile, the receivers, guards, and other players on the field use different ways to employ biomechanics. The guards and center use force, velocity, and momentum to block and hold off the offensive players.

The receivers use acceleration and impulse to run and complete a pass. In addition to all of the physical aspects of playing football, all of the players are constantly using muscular force to generate power to do work. They are readily exemplifying gait, kinetics, kinematics, and ground reaction forces among many other aspects of biomechanics.

When studying football, it is imperative to strategically plan different plays. Biomechanics plays a significant role in being able to perform them.

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Since the game of football greatly relies on the use of physical movement, biomechanics is an integral part of the underlying basics of the game.

Motor control, or the acquisition, performance, and retention of motor skills, can also be seen often in “Remember the Titans.” For Forrback to function as the “center” of the field, he must acquire motor skills through practice, be able to perform those motor skills, and then retain the ability to execute those motor skills. Without these three basic components, a quarterback will not be very successful. However, having good motor control is an important skill that must be acquired by all the players, not just the quarterback. Every player on the field must have motor control skills for football at a high level of competition. If a center could not retain the motor skills that he practiced, then the team would be at a great disadvantage. That is why the entire team must practice motor skills. Once they are practiced numerous times and learned, then a motor skill is developed. The motor skill motoric element of motor control ability. A receiver who has superior motor control will be one of the highlights of the game. A safety who shows motor control will be able to out-perform his opponent. A guard who can perform his intended task will help to win the game.

The fields of biomechanics and motor control are an essential part of the game of football. They are portrayed very well in the movie “Remember the Titans,” and prove that lack of these areas will result in a permanent bench-warming position instead of a starting position on the field.

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