An Analysis of the Theme of Leadership in the Movie Remember the Titans

Leadership in Remember the Titans

Within the movie Remember the Titans, there are many leadership types displayed. Some of the characters possess just one type and relay one leadership theory, while others live out multiple leadership theories. A few of the leaders in this film start with one way of leadership but then change.

There are leadership roles for main characters, like the coaches, as well as smaller roles, like the athletes, mainly the captain. First of all, Coach Herman Boone embodies the Authentic Leadership type.

He has a clear goal and a set plan on how the goal is going to be achieved. He wants to win the football games with the team. He is not going to let anything get in the way or be swayed from that path. An authentic leader knows what they want and they have values and a way of getting there.

He does seem like a strict coach at first, but true to Authentic Leadership, he does build relationships with his athletes as well as his co-workers.

They are not extremely open and have obvious relationships, but it is apparent that if anyone needed anything, he would be there for them. He connects with others and instills confidence in the team.

On the other hand, Coach Bill Yost displays more of a Transformational Leadership role. He is well-loved well-loved and the community and there is an uproar when his place and position are taken over by Coach Boone. A transformational leader, Coach Bill Yost is interested in the individual needs of his team.

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He cares about the team as a whole but also can see each person separately. Coach Yost was supposed to just be in charge of the Defensive line while remaining under Coach Boone, but at one point during a game, he saw a new need. He saw a bigger picture and put “Rev” in the defensive line, even though that was not originally his position. He saw the individual as well as the team’s needs. The plan ended up working out well!

Gerry, the captain of the football team, could also be seen in the Transformational Leadership role. He transforms quite a bit throughout the movie to get to that leadership role. At first, he is not accepting of the black athletes at all. Once the differences are overcome, then he becomes a better leader and canoe serving the team wholly without anything like racism in the way.

This captain was able to see what was best for the team and inspired the team to do more and do well and try their best. When his teammate from the very beginning did not block a hit that ended up hurting a black player, Gerry saw the need to address the problem. He took it upon himself to talk to the coach and get things sorted out. He was able to see the individual needs and how every player on the team needed the protection of everyone else. If there was just one person not doing their job, then the whole team was in danger, as seen by the injury.

So in this case, Gerry talked to the athlete that avoided blocking a hit and told that player that he was no longer on the team. As much as a shock it was, it was a much-needed change for the team.

Even when Gerry was injured and paralyzed from the waist down, he was still able to lead the team by example and hold his high standards. The team was able to see this and go out and win a championship. He was injured and his whole football dream was crushed, but he put on a brave face for the betterment of the team.

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