The Movie "Remember the Titans" Brings Up the Issue of Racism in Sports

Sports and Racism

It is interesting how people used sports or some kind of group activity to overcome racism. For example “Remember the Titans” is one of the best movies thhavehas shown people how they have overcome racism legacy by using a sport, which was football. At the beginning of the movie, it was not easy for them but as days passed with arguments, and fights they got to know each other, and both white and black men realized that they were all the same e that nothing was different only the color.

They got along really well that they would sing songs and at in timetable together with no problems some of them got to love each other like brothers like Gerry Bertier, and Julius Campbell (Ryan Hurst, and Wood Harris). Coach Herman Boone and Coach Bill Yoast (Denzel Washington, and Will Patton) made one large impact pon people by showing that color doesn’t make any difference between ‘white, blue, black, or orange” (Remember the Titans) because, in the end, everybody is the same.

Movies like this, Remember the Titans, make a lot of the people change their way of thinking, and their hatred against other kinds of people, though many the people won’t change.

Remember the Titans is a movie where “the direction of Boaz Yakin made bruising” in a huge amount of people in which “Bruckheimer thought he was making an art film” (Schickel). The broad did not think they would hurt people internally but in reality, they did, because it was when segregation was going on.

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When coach Yoast told his players that a colored coach, Coach Boone, was going to replace him as head coach the whole team decided to quit and not play for the colored coach. As Coach Boone came in “Coach Yoast was expected to become his assistant coach”(Ebert), but Coach Yoast didn’t want to be his assistant at all. Since Coach Yoast’s team had quit, he did not want them to lose their scholarships. So, he had no other choice and to be his assistant coach just so his boys would play and not lose their scholarships.

When the whole team came together for the camp, blacks, and whites, there was a lot of anger between them and their parents. The board never thought they would bring too much drama to the team and the family.

Although Remember the Titans is a movie where there was always anger and hatred. When Coach Boone takes everybody to the camp he doesn’t use the camp for practice. Instead, Gerry’she uses it to end racism, and hatred, and make them understand that color doesn’t matter they are all the same. One of the literal elements that are used in this movie isis compared contrast where Coach Boone quotes, “hatred destroyed my family, now listen take a lesson from the dead if we don’t come together right now in this hallowed ground we too will be destroyed just like them, I don’t care if you don’t like each other but you will respect each other and maybe play this game like men” (Remember the Titans). Meaning that no matter what, they have to find a way to overcome their hatred among them and everybody else. As they practice they realized their mistakes and like Gerry and Julius they both come together after their last argument after practice when Julius responds to Gerry’s “attitude reflects leadership” (Remember the Titans).

Even though back in time when segregation was going on people would watch the movie but like Robert Ebert said “it is more about football than race relation, and it wants us to leave the theater feeling not angry or motivated, but good” (Ebert). People would watch the movie because of the sport and because it would make people think and understand a little about racism.

When the whole team understood the message that Coach Boone had told them at the camp they all came together and as a t, a team they won most of the games. As they got close to one of the most impotent games Gerry got into a car accident and was not able to play the important game. As Robert Ebert said I was moved by a scene near the end where an injured white player, who once said he would not play with blacks, now only wants his black “brother” in the hospital (Ebert).

Where here there is some other scene similar to that one where he breaks up with his girlfriend than to forget about his teammates whom he has come close to them. Gerry and Julius understood the concept that hatred would destroy each other and that they all had to come together no matter what others would say.

After watching this amusing movie I understood that no matter where you are or what hat color you have we all are the same. thanks to this movie a lot of our people change maybe na a lot of us but most of them.


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