Legend of Mount Mayon

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Her unsullied luster can non be denied. The sight of her can take one’s breath off. She is merely beaming as she stands tall and expansive in the skyline. She is genuinely a 1 of a sort beauty that captivates anyone who pays her a visit. You have to be visually challenged to lose her glare. When she sleeps.

she’s every bit soft as a babe but when she stirs. she could easy strike horror among the Black Marias of work forces. She is loved for her beauty and tranquility and spurned for her sometimes lifelessly and lay waste toing facet. This beauty is none other but the olympian Mt. Mayon which is located in the state of Albay in the Bicol part. It is known around the Earth for its flawless cone form. In some ways. she is like a diffident maiden who likes to conceal.

utilizing the clouds above her like a head covering.

Legendary Beginning

The fable of Mt. Mayon goes around the tragic love narrative of a beautiful immature heroine named Daragang Magayon and a dauntless warrior. The fable has been narrated and passed on from coevals to coevals by the people of Albay. The fable has become a portion of the lives of the people populating in Daraga. Albay because Mt. Mayon plays an built-in portion in their beliefs. cultural patterns and celebrations.

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In fact. there’s an one-year festival called Magayon Festival which is celebrated every month of May. The festival relives the fable of Mount Mayon. Different versions of the beginning of the olympian Mayon Volcano have risen because of the unwritten tradition of stating narratives and passing them down to the following line of descent.

First version

The fable is about the narrative of a beautiful lady named Daragang Magayon who lives in Kabikolan before the separation of the Philippines to mainland Asia. At that clip. a maiden could non get married a adult male who lived outside the Kabikolan. Daragang Magayon rejected a native suer named Paratuga. He was rich but selfish. She confessed to her male parent. Tiong Makusog. who besides happened to be the head of the small town that she had fallen in love with a alien named Panganoron. who saved her from submerging. Her male parent loved her so much and told her that he would happen a manner to carry through the yearning of her bosom. The manipulative Paratuga decided to nobble Tiong Makusog to coerce Daragang Magayon to get married him. The lovely maiden did non hold a pick but to hold to the kidnapper’s demand. When Panganoron found out about the fraudulence. he attacked the small town of Paratuga.

Equally shortly as he arrived at the nuptials ceremonial. Daragang Magayon hurried to his side but she was hit by a isolated pointer. As Panganoron lifted the fallen maiden. he was attacked from buttocks. The lovers died in that unfortunate event. Tiong Makusog buried his girl together with all her earthly ownerships that Paratuga had bestowed on her as marrying gifts such as gold and cherished rocks. To everyone’s surprise. the burial land began to lift a hebdomad after the entombment.

There were ever white clouds vibrating on top of the hill. The hill grew bigger and bigger as clip passed. The fable goes on that the angry spirit of Paratuga sometimes attempts to unearth the grave of Daragang Magayon to acquire back the gold and cherished rocks that he gave her. which causes shudders and volcanic eruptions. He ne’er succeeds in his pursuit and ever ends up acquiring stones and lava from the vent. The cloud that hovers over the vent is said to be the spirit of Panganoron who still weeps over the loss of his love. His cryings fall to the Earth as raindrops.

Second version

There lived a adult male named Magayon who had a beautiful princess as a niece. He was enormously protective of her and ne’er allowed a adult male to come near adequate to inquire her manus. One twenty-four hours. a courageous warrior arrived and became attracted to the princess’ beauty. He asked the assistance of the air current to assist him go through through the royal chamber so he could entice the princess to run off with him. When the lovers left. Magayon followed them. The princess and the warrior asked the aid of the Gods to salvage them. Suddenly a landslide occurred and buried Magayon. Harmonizing to the fable. the eruption of Mt. Mayon is brought approximately by the choler of Magayon.

Third version

The 3rd version of the fable is told by Laura Agpay. a indigen of Bicol. There was one time a princess named Daragang Magayon. She lived in Bicol where her household reigned supreme over the full topographic point. She was known for her matchless beauty. Many warriors. princes and datus would go from different countries of the state in the hope of acquiring her manus in matrimony. Magayon did non like any of the royalties who were presented to her because her bosom has already been captured by a warrior and prince named Handiong. Unfortunately. Handiong hailed from the rival folk. the enemy of Magayon folk.

Magayon and Handiong suffered enormously from their tribes’ efforts to divide them. When they could non stand being apart any longer. they fled. which resulted to a blood bath between the two enemy folks. The immature lovers could non accept the hurting and torture of the events that followed. The two decided to stop their lives. Even in decease. the folk separated the immature twosome. After several months. the Magayon folk noticed a vent turning in the topographic point where Magayon was buried. They named the vent “Bulkang Magayon” picturing its perfect form merely like their beautiful Daragang Magayon.

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Legend of Mount Mayon
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