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The following sample essay on “Climb Mount Fuji” tells about the personal experience of climbing the highest mountain peak in Japan. The author describes his journey and his impressions.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and its height is 3776 meters.  Everyone in Japan knows that it is a symbol for the country.  In the last summer vacation, I had an opportunity to climb this mountain with my family.  I was able to run into a lot of beautiful scenery.

  I would like to describe my recent personal encounter.

After arriving at the start point by bus, we started to climb at 9 p.m.  It was dark and we could not see anything around us, so we turned on our flashlights.  While climbing, we took a break every 30 minutes.  Although I was tired, however, I was so impressed when I was able to watch a lot of stars in the whole sky.

On dim dayswhich is to say most daysits less a mountain than an allegation, obscured by fog and industrial haze even 60 feet away from the summit.

Many cultures hold mountains to be sacred the ancient Greeks had Olympus; the Aztecs, Popocat petl; the Lakota, Inyan Kara but nothing equals the timeless Japanese reverence for this notoriously elusive volcano. Parting earth and sky with remarkable symmetry, Fuji is venerated as a stairway to heaven, a holy ground for pilgrimage, a site for receiving revelations, a dwelling place for deities and ancestors, and a portal to an ascetic otherworld.

The climb is a long hard slog, along a path that zigzags up the mountain.

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Depending on the route you choose, the trail may start off passing through flowery meadows or forest, but the landscape soon becomes rocky and barren. As we get higher, the trail gradually becomes steeper and the air thinner. There are mountain huts selling food and drinks at several points along the trails, but as you get higher so do the prices  reaching about 400 for a can of drink at the summit.

The trails all converge on the volcanos long dormant summit-crater, which is 250 metres deep and surrounded by eight peaks. It takes about an hour to hike around the crater, which is some 500 metres across. Even right at the top there are plenty of facilities  including a post office where you can have your postcards stamped to prove to your friends that you made it all the way up. Being Japan, there are even soft-drink vending machines up here!

If its a clear day you can get a magnificent view, but be warned that Mount Fuji is often blanketed in cloud, so be prepared to be disappointed. Early morning is the best chance of getting a clear view  another reason for arriving just before sunrise.To be honest, Mount Fuji is much more attractive from a distance than close up. The history of past eruptions means that its surface is made up of grey and red volcanic rock, ranging in size from boulders to dust. The real attraction of climbing the mountain lies in the achievement, and the fun of taking part in a challenge together with a legion of like-minded individuals.

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