When Zeus Was On Mount Olympus

One day while a great idea came to him. “I should rule all”. He thought to himself. He thought he should rule the sun, the sea, and the underworld. “I’m strong enough to be the one true king of everything”. He boasted. He devised a plan with one of the gods, Ares the god of war. Ares loved war hence his title. He thought that if he was going to take down some strong gods he needed a strong teammate especially if the others tried to team up.

He promised Ares a spot next to him, undoubtedly tricking him. First, he wanted to pick off the Sun God. Since he can see all he could warn the others, so it he was his a priority. Although he could not warn the others in time, he could still see all so he tried to escape on his Sun Chariot but it was not going as fast lightning. WithFrom a lightning bolt Zeus struck Helios.

He pinned down Helios with his foot.

He stripped Helios of his godly powers and gave it to himself. Helios gave a blood curdling scream that could be heard by all gods. Even though he lost his powers he was still a god so he could not be killed. So he was imprisoned. The sky had gone dark with clouds covering it and lightning coming down. Zeus was signifying his victory and newly obtained powers.The sun came back but it was different. It was brighter and hotter than ever.

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It was like it was glowing with intensity and strength. The gods knew something was up. ´´Know to take over the domains of Poseidon and Hades´´. What he did not know was that Hermes eavesdropped. He saw Helios on the ground and being the speedy messenger he is, he informed Hades and Poseidon. Knowing they could not take their powerful brother by themselves and Ares, they decided to team up. When the time came for them to fight they stood tall. Ares already enraged Poseidon by killing his son Halirrhothios.

Although it was 2v2 they needed someone to take care of Ares as they could not take on Zeus one on one. They had Hercules join them in this battle. Ares had fought Hercules before and had been unsuccessful. They fought and fought and Hercules was victorious against Ares by breaking his armor and fractured his ribs with a single punch. Now it was now three versus one, and even though Zeus was powerful he could not take on 2 of three most powerful gods and a demi-god with exceeding strength. In the end he was defeated and imprisoned. He was obligated to return the powers to the original sun god. Ares was also imprisoned, but they still needed a powerful leader so they made Zeus king again. Even though he was king again he was told that if he tried anything like that again he would be imprisoned for life. After all that, Zeus went back to being the same arrogant, conceited Ruler of Kings he

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