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The company. Lemon Lovin’ Life. is a lemonade base that is in the drink concern. Bing that it is a popular drink and the low cost of get downing a lemonade concern. there is competition doing it rather competitory in the market. This study outlines the company’s branding scheme. designation of possible new locations. promotional programs. and employee preparation chances.

Branding Scheme

Lemon Essay

To make a stigmatization scheme for Lemon Lovin’ Life it will besides consists of the selling mix.

viz. . merchandise. topographic point. and publicity. Lemon Lovin’ Life has a sensible size and will be priced competitively. It will be known for its healthy. natural. delightful. and well-known gustatory sensation. A focal point of the drink is to acquire it to be appreciated non merely during the summer months. but instead. the whole twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Foregrounding its wellness benefits with addition consumer’s involvement into the merchandise. If this investing is success. Lemon Lovin’ Life could spread out by adding a turn to the lemonade drinks.

For case. a lemonade drink can hold a combination of lemon and strawberry. lemon and Ananas comosus but ever concentrating on lemon as the chief spirit. Ideally the lemonade base will be placed in forepart of the owner’s house possibly near a tree for shadiness. Attracting more consumers. being that they won’t have to stand under the blaze Sun. For selling intents. circulars and postings will be distributed in assorted strategic topographic points in the vicinity along with naming friends and household.

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Making a page on Facebook. a Twitter history. and Instagram. among others. will besides to a great extent use societal media sites.

Opportunities for New Locations

Lemon Lovin’ Life’s end is to make as many clients as possible in order to turn to the altering lifestyle picks that chiefly purpose to hold healthy life. The new locations must see that the mark market has entree to the lemonade whenever they’d like. This scheme will already tap a figure of clients runing from kids. female parents purchasing for their households. wellness fans. and immature people who can already do their ain purchases ( Bovee & A ; Thill. 2013. p. 346 ) .

Promotion Plans

Normally local occupants back up new concern ventures and Lemon Lovin’ Life has $ 10. 000 to pass for advertisement. Sing the merchandise subject assorted selling vehicles will be utilized to pass on the message. image. and presence of the concern. Bovee & A ; Thill ( 2013 ) asserted that there are different ways to advance merchandises. including the usage of print media ( magazines. local newspapers and pupil publications ) ( p. 382 ) . broadcast media ( local Television shows. wireless plans ) . hotel ushers ( Chamber of Commerce newssheets. booklets. circulars ) . direct mail ( subscriber lists. inserts in newspapers. office mail bringing ) ( p. 374 ) . societal media ( Facebook. Twitter. Instagram ) ( p. 382 ) . and others ( attending in charity events. sponsorships. imperativeness conferences ) ( p. 382 ) .

Employee Training

In hope that the company shall turn. it will be necessary to engage more people in order to assist run the lemonade base. It is besides of import for the company to put in developing the staff to go on to offer quality lemonade. To make this. the company should ever look into whether employees are engaged. satisfied. committed. and rooted ( Bovee & A ; Thill. 2013. p. 220 ) . Supplying employees with occupation security through a strong wage is the first measure. Second. supply employees with wellness insurance and retirement programs that can be extended to their households. Finally. the company must guarantee that employees have a clear calling way. particularly for those who have leading qualities to let them to hold the feeling that what they are making is “worthwhile and fulfilling in itself” ( Bovee & A ; Thill. 2013. p. 223 ) . When these demands are met. employees are will really see the occupation in a different mode. Their attitude toward working there will be a positive 1.


Get downing a company is non merely about holding the money and engaging employees. There are other facets that should be considered. including the viability of the merchandise. the mark market. demographical considerations. the location. and marketing the merchandise.


Bovee. C. L. . & A ; Thill. J. V. ( 2013 ) . Business in action. ( 6th erectile dysfunction ) . Upper Saddle River. New jersey: Pearson.

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