John Deere Steel Plow

We chose our topic, the Cast-Steel Plow by John Deere because we all live or have lived on a farm in some period of time and found it would be interesting topic to learn more about the cast-steel plow. We thought that since we have used some type of plow we wanted to know more about it and how it was invented. We found most of our research in books like John Deere’s Company: A History of John Deere And Company and its times, also John Deere Tractors and Equipment.

We have contacted John Deere’s Company in Illinois, Living History Farms in Urbandale, and Pomery Living History Farms in Washington. Also more information from Deere. com, and also facts from our American History books. How we chose our presentation category was how all three of us were more familiar with creating good boards and thought that if we could all think about our topic together so we could get a lot more information about our topic, and wanted to come up with a good idea for our board.

Our project relates to the NHD theme because the steel plow was a meaningful product to farmers of the 1800s. The John Deere Steel Plow changed history forever since the land was much too rich. The Cast-Iron Plow could only go for a couple of feet and then the farmers would have to scrape off the sod. The steel plow made it easier for the farmers of the 1800s to push and also farmers could plow more acreage then a cast-iron plow.

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The John Deere cast-steel plow impacted the farmers back in the 1800s and it affects us now in farming. It makes everything easier, now then it has ever before.

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John Deere Steel Plow
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