A Summer Of Steel From Silvia Avallone Review

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Lucchini is a part of the industrial and port town of Piombino. Opposite is the picturesque island of Elba. Steel mills, iron works, coking plants, blast furnaces and several rolling mills dominate the view. Twenty years ago, there was a boom here. Now the factories are closed, rusting in front of him, and many workers have been laid off. They live with their families in a run-down high-rise estate – a place of misery.

Large pipes conduct harmful effluents into the sea, the beach is full of waste.

. Nobody would want to settle here, but for the people of the settlement here is the paradise on earth. Francesca and girlfriend Anna you can always come here. They dive into the water or loll on their sheets. Although no fourteen, they are nevertheless already her beautiful body aware that attract the attention of men to easily slipped bikinis.

They have sworn eternal friendship and want to leave one day together, otherwise live as come out their parents out of the quagmire of poverty, unemployment, crime, drugs and violence, escape the dictates of the dominant male family members.

However, by Mattia, who long worked on a ship and so arrest by the police failed to notice the gay-themed love between Francesca and Anna receives a not kittenden plan because Mattia is Anna’s lover. From now on, the friends go aware of the way, and Francesca befriends Lisa, the ugliest girl of the colony. Can they make Anna so jealous, it may again be as it used to? Hardly.

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Silvia Avallones debut (original title: ” Acciaio”) is very like movies and literature of neo-realism. It shows the unvarnished reality that poverty and the exploitation of the common people. The workers fear for the little wages and their jobs, young people dream as anywhere from fancy clothes, cars, traveling, family. But the money is not enough, the families into debt, necessarily young people steal copper already and everything else money could bring, and trafficking in drugs. Father Arturo wants to offer a life on a grand scale of his family, which they are entitled; for weeks he disappears from the scene, has a reputation as a godfather.

Sivia Avallone accurately describe every detail of the work processes in the shrunken to a minimum steelworks. the unbearable heat of the ovens, the oily dirt everywhere and always lurking dangers that workers who deal with each other in hearty jargon, the mutilated cats that crawl out of the pipes -. like a documentary while the images before our eyes.

in addition to Francesca and Anna Silvia Avallone created many more people. A happy ending is there for any of them, and none of them can be a positive model set showing a hopeful way. You are not able to put themselves in the feelings of others, and they do not know even really with yourself out. The young people prefer satisfaction solely from externals and the pursuit of short-term goals: heat by car to discos or bars, a joint pull, tear women. If she soon catches up with the frustration of reality, shaken also the reader. From hurt feelings they act contrary to assume roles that you never expected. Francesca’s father, who beat her and her mother repeatedly hospitalized is, after a serious motorcycle accident to a nursing case. At heart the two have longed for his death, but then maintains the daughter, as the Patriarch it calls the all in need of their help man. she had hated every male a long time – now she feels no emotion more in itself. At night she leads a double life. A deeply touching psychological profile.

The little sunny beach life can not brighten the gloomy picture of a stretch of land that is characterized by its dead industry. Silvia Avallone has submitted a socially critical statement that denounces the globalization and its consequences. The times of industrial prosperity following the economic decline, and what next, and the rusty ruins remains are oppressed, despairing of their fate people. Who can ever make it, they break out of this through and through formative milieu, and how could this be done? A hopeless, desperate and tragic situation. Behind the constantly lowered shutters of their windows condemned to loneliness and speechlessness people hide desperate.

To those parts of Italy we drive tourists a wide berth. If we can recover in neatly manicured beaches and pampered, enjoy the light of life, then we can hardly imagine that the world often continues all looks different just a few kilometers. An important novel that our eye for previously unseen opens, and a harrowing story.

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A Summer Of Steel From Silvia Avallone Review
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