The four seasons of summer Grégoire Delacourt Review

On July 14, the French national holiday, the whole country is on its feet. Those who can, will travel to the sea, for example on the wide beaches of Le Touquet, near Calais. Among the thousands who cavort there are four couples whose story Grégoire Delacourt, extremely popular in his native novelist says. The couple run each other from time to time about the way without to meet each other. The author has selected

By chance his protagonists but by no means.

Rather, they represent four people age (15, 35, 55 and 75 years), in which love usually plays an important role. expressed poetically: There are the four seasons of life. That all come together in this very special summer four, justified the title of “The Four Seasons of Summer”.

All of this (as well as the cover art) can be stories of summery lightness expect an entertaining mix of infatuations, Flirts and tenderness in the sunshine. But no: Delaware Courts protagonists are all desperate, Wistful, and dreary tune their experiences

The five-year-old precocious Louis falls in love with the Beautiful Victoria spends with the beloved one summer innocent commonality and burning hope for more.

. But from which nothing will. A few years later, the young woman felt at Louis neither the “tingling” and “burning” of love, nor do they want to lose him as a “best friend”. You will not marry each other, and Louis will initially console themselves that “lovelorn […] also a form of love” is. After all, every / r / her life ahead of them.

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The thirty-five-Isabelle, though not so much older, all hope was abandoned. The single parent believes he has “never had much luck with men” had (this is her nine year old a very lovely guy). On the one hand disillusioned wrangles other hand, with their loneliness and their dashed hopes ( “Why I have not experienced any large, destructive passion?”).

Thus, the fifty-five-Monique are not satisfied. You feel the first signs of the coming age. But her body is still desirable. Only her husband no longer finds attractive, does not look it once more. So she travels alone to Le Touquet to once again challenge the adventure sex and intoxicating passion. Who knows, maybe you meet even more true, true love, eternal fidelity and “absolute, ultimate trust”.

This is precisely what has found the oldest couple of the quartet for a long time. The two to the 75, look back on a common love wonderful years. Now they are frail, exhausted by life. What can they still happen in the future? leave your beloved partner alone, “the evil of loneliness, in the shame of decay,” which is an unbearable thought. Therefore they have decided on the last National Day of the millennium (some even predict: the world’s history) before the fireworks can burn the night sky, to go hand in hand into the water and die together. “The sea, our tears will drink.”

Claudia Steinitz has ” Les quatre saisons de l’été < " Grégoire Delacourt:" Les quatre saisons de l'été "with"

Undeniably Delacourt is a gifted storyteller. The four-person perspectives (each a lover) provide immediacy. At least in places, the tone is lively and ironic. So you like to read what happens to the characters and how their fates evolve. Well, I liked the light hand-sophisticated interweaving of four episodes for years and decades. Even before you get to know all the characters, they are one already (met since kiss “so shameless and greedy, as they catch up on some” two elderly people; there trying “an old pair despite wind and clumsy fingers spread his beach towel on the sand “). The author carries out all four stories after a few telling years to an end, but adds in retrospect of 14 July 2009, for each a surprising epilogue.

What, however, has significantly affected my reading pleasure, is the proper portion too much pathos, melodrama and cliche that degenerate the whole feeling in dance kitsch can. That each episode is assigned a flower, may pass for a pretty decoration. But love and longing Liebesleid overflowing emotion pregnant from bombast words, meaningless sentences pregnant and cloudy metaphors. The flood of tears will not end. Are loving and dying really together? Isabelle’s mother tried many years ago to pull it out of its erstverliebten daughter: “No no one dies for love … And it’s only in books, and even in bad..”

From the reality of human life, this book is quite far away. It keeps the naive “dream of a love that is so strong that you could die from it,” alive – it just he is responsible for the painful disappointment that the everyday “Only one too pathetic love” holds. ”

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