The Seasons Change Us

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It commenced like this: absent of nothing, in an instantaneous… every little thing A boundless extraterrestrial spree of material and spirit, kneading, jerking, and pressing simultaneously. There would be no star systems, no earth, and no life without conniving and celestial figures. years ago, a skittle. It immerses into a bacterium with distinct abilities, and voila. Earth’s first synthesized-organism. Perhaps it was destiny. Perchance it was inescapable. This alternated skittle becomes the forefather of every living thing, which in turn floods the globe with oxygen… paving the way for every other form of life we know.

First to earth came one large body of land surrounded by water. Ten days progressed with no action happening but suddenly shining in the sunlight, luscious green, thin, almost translucent grass surfaced. Several several days passed and little action happened. Suddenly a flower appeared. One flower. Everything grew at a fast pace but not this floret. For it took nearly over 70 days to bloom and once the 80th day came around it fully bloomed.

It bloomed into a tall glowing beautiful woman, everything called her Levana. Levana controlled nature. The strengths of the environment, when they’d assemble, be they colossal impacts, organic junctions, manifest the boundless future of our relations.

Dominating to higher egos, extra acquaintances, and therefore many more advanced worlds radiating away from the first. Our first soul was mine, Levana. I the creator of nature. I can be identified as Mother Nature. It gets lonely being alone which is why I’ve created the seasons.

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The water animals were always content on earth, however, I was never able to relate. This leads me on to create Winter, the coldest season of the year, the shortest day, longest night, and the best season of the year as well. In the sky, during this season it was much clearer. This was similar to earth, it snowed making nature much more visible. The animals hibernated while fruits were ripening late in the season. Aquatic animals adapted quickly to this change as the water would freeze they would wait it out until I created the solution to this.

Spring, it began with the longest day of the year. It was like this so animals knew this was their time to come out and continue their regular life without hibernating. Spring consisted of hurricanes, tropical storms, sunny days, and gloomy days. You never know what to expect. The sky can be gloomy, ugly, and sad meanwhile, on earth’s land animals can be living their best life with this season. Hurricanes were a mistake. You see, I made the distinction between winter and spring too close so basically, the remaining warm waters clashed and boom, made a hurricane.

Following this bipolar season was Summer. It began with the longest day of the year. In summer, the landscape alluring and beneficial; it spurts, crests its actions, and allows wildlife and most of the environmental life to breed and recreate. The season lasts for more than three months in June, July, August, and September. Summer heat created comfortable conditions for essential activities of animals, plants, and microorganisms. Rain is one of the most effective means of watering and profoundly crucial for survival. Thunderstorms can occur because of moisture, changes in the air mass, and heat. When I was feeling nice I added in a rainbow, an arch of colors in the sky.

My final season was fall. This was my way of transitioning summer back to winter. It gathers my forces to tilt earth more towards the sun. The sky was gloomy meanwhile earth was becoming vibrant of colors. Trees remain green throughout the year. Masses of animals begin their migration to warmer temperatures and a more substantial supply of food. Birds migrate, some animals hibernate. Numerous insects don’t make it as the more cold weather of winter advances.

Without this skittle, our revolutionized earth full of wildlife, nature, and organisms would have not commenced. The flower our creator of nature bloomed from wouldn’t have evolved. Our earth would be empty and sorrow. Seasons provide a change for us. From living our ordinary day to becoming interrupted or even becoming encouraged to begin something new.

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