How The Steel Was Tempered

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Essay on “How the Steel Was Tempered”

Roman Z’s Ostrovsky “As tempered steel” is one of the so-called commanders books, such as “Ovod” E.L.Voynich “Spartacus” Dzhovaloni etc. If the hero Pavel Korchagin Ostrovsky tried to “live by Gadfly” be a gadfly, millions of Soviet boys and girls wanted to be like Pavel Korchagin. Here is an example: Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya Oleg Mishka, who said that when a number of Pavel, he is not afraid of anything. Their example of courage inspired Pavka, and an example of their courage inspired fighters in WWII.

This book pervod into many languages, it was converted into a prison rastprostranyali occupied France, it was read and passed on its content of a sort of “test” anti-fascists and partisans Western European countries before joining the squad, etc.

How The Steel Was Tempered

Over the years, with Ever since the Great destroyed the Soviet power, this book is almost forgotten. From her school program deleted (although now and try to return).

Here, finally, we pevaizdali this remarkable book. We are now just do not have enough heroes like Pavel

The life of Nikolai A. -.. This bessmetrny example of courage, heroism, fortitude, patriotism, allegiance to

Another thing, maybe now another time, a feat similar to that carried out the author and his character, there is no place. Still, if today’s youth Sitala books like “How the Steel Was Tempered” and we would live in a more just society and would go forward to a brighter future.

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How The Steel Was Tempered
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