Can You Keep Livestock in a Steel Barn?

Anyone who owns animals knows how important their safety and security is. And in terms of keeping them safe and secure, a well-built barn is vital. Many livestock owners think that wood barns are still the best option for keeping their animals safe, but metal barns are becoming a much more popular option as well. Find out why many livestock owners are using metal barns to keep their animals safe.

Why Steel Barns are Great for Animals

One of the biggest advantages of a steel barn over wood is durability.

Steel barns are much more durable and long-lived than wood barns, and they are much more resistant to weather and gradual wear as well. In fact, many metal barns are rated for high winds and heavy snow loads. And since agricultural and livestock buildings see much more wear and tear in general than most buildings do, the added durability of steel makes them much more capable. The increased durability of a steel barn makes it the perfect choice for animals of all types, even large and potentially destructive ones like cows and horses.


Another major advantage of metal barns compared to wood and other materials is price. Steel in general is a more cost-effective material than wood, since it is prefabricated and produced in large volume. This makes a steel barn a much more cost-effective option than a wood one, allowing you to save significantly on your barn (or get a larger barn for the same price).

Construction Time

When you have livestock to take care of, you can’t afford to have them unprotected for long.

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Steel barns have the advantage of much faster construction time than wood barns – many steel buildings can be constructed in just a few days. In contrast, a wood barn can take weeks to construct since it must be planned, cut, and assembled on-site. The fast construction time of a steel barn means your animals can get back under cover faster and allows you to concentrate on caring for them sooner.

Longer Warranties

Along with their increased durability and strength compared to wood, steel livestock barns also have the advantage of longer warranty periods. Because they are more durable over the long run, manufacturers often offer warranties of 30 years or longer on steel barns. That’s 30 years in which the manufacturer guarantees your barn will be free from defects or major problems. For a wood barn, a 30-year warranty is simply unheard of.

Less Maintenance

When you’re caring for animals and land, the last thing you need is having to take days away from your schedule to paint, stain, or repair your barn. Fortunately, with a metal barn you won’t need to. Steel barns require far less maintenance and care than wood barns do. They never need to be painted or stained, and their protective coatings can resist rust and corrosion for decades. Plus, steel barns aren’t vulnerable to rot or insects either, so you won’t need to invest in expensive extermination and pest prevention to keep your barn in good shape.


On many farms and ranches, fire is a major danger. The combination of lots of dry fuel (such as wood, hay, sawdust or straw, as well as combustible chemicals) in enclosed spaces can make many barns more like tinderboxes. However, metal barns are much safer in the event of a fire than wood barns, since the frame of the barn itself won’t burn. If a fire starts in your barn it has a much lower chance of spreading and should be easier to extinguish. Steel barns can be built to give up to a four-hour fire safety rating, and even higher ratings can be achieved with the addition of more fire safety equipment like sprinklers. This keeps your animals safer and protects your investment better.


Finally, steel barns are safer than wood against intrusion and theft than wood barns are. Steel is much stronger than wood, making it much harder to penetrate or break through by force. If you have animals or equipment you’re trying to keep safe in your barn, steel is a much better choice than wood.

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