How do Casinos Keep You In?

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In 2016, The average casino on the Las Vegas Strip (there are 24 of them) raked in $658,542,532 and $1,799,297 a day, and all of them combined gained $15,805,020,773.  Around 82% of people in the U.S gambled in a casino and most have not gained money. How do these casinos keep these people in, and how can you defend yourself from these tricks? Confusing CasinosCasinos distort one’s perception. They come up with some skillful ways to affect you. Very few casinos have clocks. They do this so you cannot tell how long you have been gambling away all your hard-earned money.

Many people do not wear watches, and casinos take advantage of this.  They do not have clocks to remove your sense of time, and because you are too drunk to ask what time it is, you just keep gambling. Many people are just too lazy and may just spend it all when they are heading out. “Oh, I have 10 chips left, I better head out!”, says a gambler “well, why don’t I just spend it all on slots?”, they silently think.

The shape of the casinos is also a part of the spending.  While you head out, you see all of these fancy machines that might get you more money.  You feel inclined to try them out, and you waste all your money. Many casinos make you have a hard time finding the exit.  This way you will see more of the machines and games.

Furthermore, many casinos give you free food and drink.

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They do this to get you drunk and stay for the food. How To Be A Responsible GamblerDo you have a gambling problem? If so, here are some very easy ways you can avoid losing too much! Don’t drink excessively- Drinking makes you less aware of your surroundings. Chugging down a bottle won’t make you luckier either. Make a budget- If you make a budget, you won’t lose too much money. You have set a limit for yourself. Many people make budgets for shopping and how much they spend in a week, so it will work in a casino too! The normal slot machine has 64 pictures per wheel, and there are 3 in total. That means that you have a 64x64x64 chance of getting a win.That’s1in 262,144!     What are the odds? The most common casino games are the Slot Machines, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and a lot more. The chance to get a big win in slots is above. Blackjack is the easiest to win, with the dealer having a 1% chance to win. In Craps, it is around 50/50. For the roulette table, the odds vary.  Side Effects Of GamblingThere are many side effects of gambling.  Many families with a member with a gambling addiction have financial problems.  Problem gamblers are also trying to find a way to get more money, like a drug. Gambling also may cause the loss of jobs, and relationship issues, and in some cases will make them go bankrupt. Many people gamble to distract them. Do you have a gambling problem? If you have a gambling problem, consider going to a doctor or mental help professional.  You can also call the National Helpline, at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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