Why SHould Schools Keep Recess

As children, our education is critical, since it is the foundation for our later studies and jobs. Students in elementary school often struggle with the new, seemingly irrelevant topics like math, science, and reading. As their young minds are just beginning the learning process, it can be a complex process to get them to learn and understand everything they need to know.

To help cope with the struggles of their beginning education, schools offer recess, a mental break where kids can take a breather from learning and enjoy themselves.

It is also a great time for students to socialize and make new friends. However, many schools have been considering taking away these breaks to give students more learning time. In addition to this, some teachers treat recess like a privilege, and punish some kids by taking away their time. Even though it may seem irrelevant or unhelpful, recess is actually less of a right and more of a necessity. In spite of the fact that recess can take away from student’s learning time, it does develop their social skills, increase their learning capabilities, and contribute to their health.

Although some say that recess actually takes away from the students learning time, recess is actually beneficial for students studies for multiple reasons. First off, it has been proven that studying is most effective when it is done in intervals, with short breaks in between. Since recess provides a time for kids to relax, it makes them more attentive and focused in class.

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Along with this, studies have shown that brain activity is boosted during physical activity, which is another reason that proves recess beneficial to their learning. When recess is held outside, their are other benefits to learning. Vitamin D is gained from the natural sunlight, which is known to aid in learning and increase productivity.

Although it may seem like education is all that is learned during school, it is also a good place where students can learn and practice social skills. Since what we learn is best developed during childhood, if students are given time to socialize during school, it will benefit them not only then, but will also be beneficial later on in their lives. Because students may not get other opportunities to socialize outside of school, and they have to be attentive during school, it is definitely beneficial to have a time where students can talk and socialize among one another. It also develops their character. A study in Texas showed that students who were given recess had more empathy towards others, as opposed to those who didn’t.

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