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Voltage enigmatic Ernst, delicate wit, sensitivity and charm keep the readers of this new novel from beginning to end prisoner. In the center of the plot three doom-laden people, brought together by their chance in New York are. The fiction of their dangerous escape routes interweaves the author in flashbacks with the historical conditions and developments in the twentieth century in Latin America, where political regime, the military and powerful drug gangs committed incredible atrocities and many people brought death. Emigration is a desperate attempt to find a self-determined life and, often enough to save his bare skin.

The three fictional protagonists are among the lucky few who reach the land of freedom and could start a new life.

A banal collision in snowy New York leads the main characters together. The sixty-year-old university professor Richard Bowmaster lost on the way to the vet in a snowstorm control of his car and collides with the car in front of him. The thing is, he believes, was quickly controlled by zusteckt the injured party insurance card and address.

The small young woman is totally scared and says not a word.

Richard imagines everything checked off, stands as the stranger at his door a little later and will change his well-ordered life suddenly. In his helplessness in the face of the unexpected visitor, he calls his tenant and colleague, brought the Chilean Lucía Maraz. The two coax the visitor (named Evelyn) an incredible story. She has a Fluchtodyssee from Guatemala behind while she lost all her papers.

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In New York, she considers herself as an illegal work force over water, in constant fear of being arrested by the police. For a pittance she takes care of the needy, sick boy of a wealthy couple with opaque background. When the accident occurred, it was without the permission of their employers with their car on the road and had no idea that in the trunk, wrapped in a carpet, lay a woman’s body.

When the matter came to light, who would ever believe a illegals that it has absolutely nothing to do with the dead? So hedges the three under the auspices of meticulous Richard out a plan how to Evelyn help and the corpse is best to discard can, without leaving traces. During the multi-day, rich in adventures road trips to a secluded lake the stories of individual characters change, and we learn from her past and present life. Evelyn was able to escape her native Guatemala, before the marauding bands they like so many other indigenous inhabitants, could murder. Her narrative – the massacre of the Indian population, her dangerous escape route, their arrival in the US, the illegal employment with a washed with all waters, violent employer – is the most moving this novel. In the biography of energetic Lucía you can parallels to discover the author. Both escaped the Pinochet regime and research as investigative journalists the crimes of the junta after.

Richard Bowmasters Vita is in a sense a contrast program. As a young man he lived in the bustling Rio de Janeiro and found the love of his life in the young dance teacher Anita. The two married, but fate does not mean it well with them. After several heavy blows of fate Anita is mentally ill, to Richard they can no longer reach. He stunned his despair with alcohol and drugs. In his unhappiest hours an old American friend to a professorship he helps in New York, but after a short time, Anita, where it holds life.

From now leads Richard a monotonous solitary life, disciplined, unemotional, depressed by guilt , Until he meets Lucía Maraz. The all conventions mocking guest lecturer from Chile, Richards supercooled basement apartment refers feels from the first moment romantic sympathy for him, but Richard gives himself aloof. It was only during the journey the ice thaws, and faster than the plausibility does well. The two seniors tumble headlong into an intense, hearty affair that many a woman’s heart may melt away, but it also drips plenty of kitsch “promotion side of the Suhrkamp publishing house to Isabel Allende.: “an everlasting summer” ” Allende’s new bestseller offers readers a good entertaining mix of excitement, tragedy, situational comedy and a touch of mysticism.

It corrupts anyone the tension and revealed no unexpected secrets if one admits the end gives hope.. the good wins, love counts Isabel Allende was born in 1942 in Lima, Peru, since 1966 she lived with her husband and daughter Paula in Santiago de Chile, where she was committed journalist worked. Her father was a cousin of Salvador Allende (1908-1973), the 1970 president of Chile. When US-backed military coup in 1973, he tore Augusto Pinochet took his own life. power for themselves and erected a cruel dictatorship. His dreaded junta massacred thousands. To date, there are countless lists of victims that were never found. Two years after the coup Isabel Allende went to Venezuela into exile. Has gained world renown as a writer excellent entertainment literature. With her first novel, “The House of Spirits” (1982) she avid readers throughout the world, and any subsequent Roman conquered the bestseller lists again. In “An everlasting summer” that will be no different.

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