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“Chit … you are the sunshine of my dim old days,” the 70-year-old Manuel, the 19-year-old Maya insured in slightly sarcastic tone. He lives in a stake building works on a small, secluded Chilean island, introverted and reclusive. He often deters Maya in their sleepless nights when his screams cut through the silence: “Get me out!” The anthropologist Manuel has taken an old friend of Maya’s grandmother Ninis, and only for her sake he has her granddaughter in his hideaway. He is their last resort, because it is pursued and must expect to be killed.

In her grandparents in California Maya experienced a wonderful childhood. Her mother Marta, a Dane, had abandoned her, and her father, a pilot, rather buzzed about in the world, responsibility and education did not take upon himself. Grandmother is married for the second time. Paul Ditson, her husband, the Mayan loving “Pop” is called, is African American and a professor at the University of Berkeley. He is one of the few dark-skinned men who are devoted to astronomical research.

Unlike grandmother, which rules with strict regiment, pop music, the quiet, imaginative dreamer, the Maya world with magic, adventure, optimism, strength and confidence fills. When Maya is sixteen, Pop dies in agony from pancreatic cancer. Not only grandmother white with their infinite sadness hardly her life to master, and Maya has no hold more, has lost all sense of direction. They truant, dressed in gothic style, all they can stun consumed. She lies, steals, gets caught and comes into a home for drug-addicted, criminal youth.

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Long does not keep it from here, the therapies she closes. When a fire breaks out, it uses the chaos to flee to the supposed freedom.

You hitchhiking to Las Vegas, in the glittering gambling city. It is their way to hell. Raped by the truck drivers, it falls a dealer, Brandon Leemann, into their hands. At night, they should take small messenger services for him. In no time she sinks into the swamp übelster crime, is itself to criminal, only just escapes death. The nurse Olympia offers the completely demolished addicts a place to hide and selects grandmother’s number. Because Maya does not create even this call for help themselves.

Happy to finally hear from her missing granddaughter, traveling Ninis stantepede on. Together they must destroy Mayas traces, because they know too much of prostitution, murders, corruption, drug trafficking, counterfeit money, valuable printing plates. But the hyenas are not to be rather loose until Maya can tear with their teeth.

Immersed in Manuel, now an accepted shelter, Maya is back to life. After their detoxification has here a clear head to think about her short but eventful past life as “the bad experiences of the past are lessons for the future.” In a small diary, she maintains her thoughts. Often she sees her pop before his eyes, feel it very close. In fact, he keeps his promise to always be with her.

The author Isabel Allende is born in Chile and a cousin of Salvador Allende, who in 1973 in the bloody coup of dictator Augusto Pinochet came to life. Since each reader will expect the history part of the plot. It must protagonist Maya dare approach the cruel political time with persecution and torture of countless people. Manuel nightmares you are now clear. Grandmother has concealed her much. How and why passed her first husband in Chile? He was a journalist, and he had met Manuel once. At the last second grandmother was at that time with son Andres, Mayas father flee and escape the militia of the junta.

Isabel Allende “The Haunted House” (1982) I do not adhere to this day like no other novel in the memory remains , Different but with the same intensity I feel the literary power of the writer in her latest novel “Maya’s Diary” ( “El cuaderno de Maya”, translated by Svenja Becker). Full of beautiful descriptions of landscapes, magic and mysticism, descriptions of intoxicating rituals of the natives and their archaic life of giving and receiving, sincere love and sacrifice willingness to self-abandonment – so thrilled and captivated me Allende’s new book. The crime in action happening is a new literary element in the work of the author, and he is their best succeeded. Her characters, to petty criminals, and even to reach the animals, watched by the protagonist Maya and describes it as vividly without exception, so differentiated that I like have pictures in mind. Shocking, disturbing and impressive authentic as Allende able to put themselves in a modern American youth; the horrific phases of drug Exzesses lead us to the threshold of pain. You will be wonderful from this, partly beguile fabulous novel, besides painful, relentless drama often inviting smile.


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