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In this paper we will examine how a Job analysis which helps describe Jobs and/or human attributes necessary to perform the tasks and Job Component Inventory OIC) method are used for an elementary teacher; by shows what tools, responsibilities, communication and demands are required for this position(Specter, 2014). This will allow an Individual to see how the reliability and validity of ICC works and how It describes the use of objects that will relate to the workers in this setting.

Next, we ill see how a performance appraisal in this Job is based on professional learning and growth (“Teacher Performance Appraisal System”, 2014). Finally, we will look at the benefits and vulnerabilities that are associated with ICC and how it may affect this work setting. The hope is that in the end we can see how ICC can be used as a guide line for teachers. Job Summary With direction from the school principal the teacher is responsible for the education of selected students and will generate a flexible curriculum and classroom environment encouraging for learning and personal growth.

The teacher needs to create a strong relationship with the student to help motivate students to develop skills, attitudes, and the know how to provide a strong foundation for future education, while taking the students’ valuables Into account. There will also be professional relationships developed and maintained between parents and other teachers. The physical demands for this field is considered a LIGHT physical demand characteristic of work position in accordance with the Dictionary of Occupational Title (DOT).

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Educating the Students Vital Functions The teacher must teach subject matter such as reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, art science, physical education, and music while utilizing the curriculum proposed by the Board of Education. Then there must be a course plan developed that assists each students needs, and utilize the different teaching techniques to express the lesson In a way that Is productive to student learning and utilizes the allotted time available for the Instruction.

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The use of computers, chalk boards, overhead projectors and other visual aids will be used for student instruction. Physical demands for this position require the teacher to be able to stand and walk around the classroom the majority of the time. While also being able to bend, kneel, lean at the waist to communicate with a student at their desk. The ability to hold light weight objects for demonstrations at waist level and slightly above the head may be frequently required.

The use of the black board is frequently required while also grasping chalk and an eraser while reaching below, at waist, and above the head occasionally with the frequent need to twist at the waist and neck to observe the class. On a rotating basis there Is a need for assistance with physical education which Involves lifting, using the upper body to assist students with their pull-ups and other actively. While on playground duty It Is required to be able to walk on even and uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel and maneuvering around curbs.

The ability to lift up to 25 pounds around the room and halls maybe required The need for communication with parents is necessary through conferences over the phone or in person to discuss academic and personal progress and talk about there school programs. As a teacher the communications with other academic advisors will be needed for professional and personal growth. The participation in faculty meetings and committee sponsorship student activities is required on occasions.

The need to address a stressful situation created by an upset or hostile student may arise but the ability to remain calm and listen non-critically but must also remain consistent with Judgments. Remain sensitive to a student who is non- compliant by try to meet the student’s needs by showing increased personal interest and involvement. Upholding Professional Standards Demonstrate professional ethics while conforming to district policies including attendance, evaluations and absences. The attendance must be sufficient to successfully perform the listed Job functions.

Also the need to maintain professional proficiency is done through in-service activities offered by the district and self- selected growth activities. The times that are required for attendance are as followed teachers arrive at AAA. M. And may leave between 4:30-5:00 p. M. And there is also a 30 min lunch offered as long as weather permits. Working in the classroom 84-90% of the day but when needed outside activities such as recess, fire drills and any other special activity may occur.

Reliability and Validity of ICC In this type of setting ICC can prove to be validated and reliable because it has helped to evaluate if a person meets requirements or needs more training in certain areas. Even though situations may vary the overall assessment is positive. This method shows what tools and physical demands will be placed on a teacher and how certain requirements can affect performance appraisals. As for the benefits and limitlessness for ICC it has its share of both due to personal interpretation and exaggerations people use to get Jobs.

In closing this paper has shown what a Job analysis may look like using Job Components Inventory as a method and what some of the requirements are of an elementary teacher are. There are not only physical but mental demands required to hold this position. Planning and meeting one’s own professional goals as well as those of the students helps to make for a proper teacher and good performance appraisals. The validity and reliability for ICC has been shown to be high in regards to eloping professionals pick Jobs that meet their abilities and skill set.

The benefits and vulnerability aspect has not been conclusive due to human nature to exaggerate one’s own abilities in a Job interview. However, it has sill shown beneficial with regards to pointing out key functions required for the position as a teacher.

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