One of the major jobs of being a teacher is to maintain

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One of the major jobs of being a teacher is to maintain the school’s reputation. This story is about the yearly visitation of the superintendent and district supervisors in every schools.

The story starts with the preparation of everything, from the classrooms, to the food, to the lodgings of the supervisors, and even their lesson plans. They made it so that they can impress and get the favor of the supervisors who will be inspecting the place. This act is like a fixed rules and routines that teachers needs to pass down to their co-teachers.

They must endure and work into fine detail just to please the “gods”. It is a rule that needs to be follow whenever the cream of the crops is on their way to visit one’s school. This is characteristic were usually originated to us, Filipinos. We always want people to see what’s the outer side of what we have or what we do.

We always tend to be very generous.

Then here comes Miss Noel, an English teacher, whom she just calls the visitation a farce. It is because everything that they’re doing is completely rehearsed, where everything is synthesized, and nothing is genuine. Miss Noel does not agree in this type practice.

We can see in the story how Miss Noel’s principles are, and how Mr. Sawit hates this. He believes that these principles won’t get you anywhere, and that if you want to rise the ranking, you need to adapt to the stupid system.

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This action is like an insult to what Miss Noel has been working on for the past years, sticking to what she believes is right.

I believe that most people are too concerned with how they appear to others. They would like to get the favor of those around them for their personal satisfaction. They would go as far as showing a fake side of themselves. This story represents how people try to get the favor of their superiors in order to rise up, instead of doing this through their achievements. This applies not only in schools, but even on larger scales, such as a national government. We cannot deny that corruption is one of the biggest problems of our country. This story characterizes how beautiful a system from the outside looks but is wretched in the inside.

While this story means some negative things, I also believe that this story also represents hope for those who are passionate in their profession. This story shows that achieving a higher position would not be considered an achievement at all if you weren’t able to contribute to the betterment of someone else. This was especially shown when Miss Noel decided that she would like to support the dreams of her students.

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One of the major jobs of being a teacher is to maintain
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